Tamales - An Xmas Tradition

(Editor's note: sorry, but I thought I posted this Christmas Eve.)

Years ago when I was in college, we went to San Antonio to visit my cousins for Christmas. Originally from Louisianna, they took to Texas like ducks to water. They picked up all kinds of little customs and what-nots. One thing they picked up was eating tamales on Christmas Eve after going to Church. Well we have picked up this tradition from them and brought it home. A few tamales and a few cold beers are always a great way to spend your Christmas Eve with family and close friends. Much better than a vegetable soup or something else like that. Of course being from Memphis, we prefer the Memphis/Mississippi Delta style of tamales. We as a family have been doing this for years now.

Earlier today I was explaining it to the girls at work. I mentioned Memphis/Mississippi Delta style hot tamales, and they had no idea what I was talking about. I was able to find two articles immediately online about this. One is from NPR and includes a link to a story they broadcast about it. The second is from Gourmet.com and is great. No one is certain how it came to the Delta, but I imagine

One of the best local places I ever found is in South Memphis at the South Memphis Grocery at Mallory Ave and Florida St. Obviously it's in South Memphis and isn't that safe, but the tamales are good to order and pick up. I've had the tamales at Blues City Cafe. They are pretty good. I wonder if there are a few other places that have good tamales around the city.

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