Speed Dating in Memphis or Nashville

Are you tired of the BS in the dating scene in Memphis? The immature people. The games. Probably not, but I did get this emailed to me by Rachelandthecity. So I thought I'd pass this along to all of my 5 remaining readers. I'm sure everyone remembers reading about the miracles of speed dating from a few years back before they just disappeared. No, you don't? Oh well, at least you remember it from The 40 Year Old Virgin. So if you're interested in meeting someone new OR you just want to tell everyone you meet that you're Dr. Mantlebaum or Gina ("Hey, sup?"), check this out: www.meetfundates.com.

I read the site and apparently it's for Memphis AND Nashville. There are 4 upcoming events in Memphis: Jan 28, Feb 7, Feb 11, and Feb 21.


cameronsharpe said...

My pleasure to come across your blog and read it, keep posting.

AnimeshSingh said...

i thing you have to go with memphis dating, there dynamic events attract local professionals and are held at some of the most interesting venues around town. Come for a stimulating, entertaining, and valuable experience and broaden your network base or circle of friends.

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