Quick notes

A few things I've learned lately:
- if you are into the whole "brunching" thing but you don't want to go to certain locations because they only have buffets and you don't want to serve yourself...you might be a little too high maintenance. You know who you are and you know I love you, but come down from your throne your majesties. A buffet is not beneath you.
- just because someone is "friends" with someone you know well on facebook, that does not give them an automatic character reference. Be careful.
- if you don't blog for a long time, most of your friends who read your blog will stop. When that happens you can start dishing stuff again. (I like that one)
- there should be a moratorium (sp?) on drama. Example: woman I know (won't say how or who, but you don't know her) has been telling me drama about some dude she met and had 1 date with. I think having to hear about your drama for three days where you won't do anything to stop the drama (or resolve it) is bullshite. You need to fix yo' life.
- if anyone ever tells you they are looking for an LTR on the first date, that's probably not a great sign. (Btw an LTR is a "long term relationship")
- if someone says they are Christian but keeps talking about their "witch" friends, run. Just run. I think that's pretty self explanatory.
- be wary of someone you have an entire conversation with (longer than 10 minutes) but he/she doesn't laugh or tell a joke. Probably not a fun person to be around. Generally they will have a one track mind. Seriously how does someone not laugh during a conversation. A social conversation. Especially when everyone else is still telling funny stories and laughing. Is there a proper way to call them out and say "Yo dude/chickie, you are allowed to laugh."
- you can put "dude" or "chickie" in a blog post, but if you slide that into polite conversation often, I will make fun of you.
- when you are on a first date with someone and all they can talk about is how much they can drink or how once every 2-3 months they get so drunk they fall and bust their nose open, they might be an alcoholic. They'll probably be fun to date for a bit, but I wouldn't go long term.
- being a Godfather rocks!
- if you put a pic of yourself with your Godchild on facebook expect everyone who isn't in touch with your life to think you're a new parent. Even if you put all the pics in a folder marked "My Godson"

That's all for now. I had some more social ones that I just can't remember all of a sudden.

Just remembered it!
- if you are worried about your appearance, maybe you should stop tanning yourself three times a week and walk your fat ass around the block a three times a week. Now that I work in Desoto County, I see all kinds of women who are REALLY out of shape and are terminally tan at the same time. I mean they are darker than my boots. Listen folks, tanning does not count as exercise. And no one is going to want to be with someone with the skin of a 45 year old when they are 30. Just putting it out there.


Emily said...

Couldn't help but laugh...I work with a bunch of those year-long tan people too. Many from MS :) It's disgusting. And right...tan does not hide fat. Little known fact.

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