Anyone else up yet?

Last night I decided to take the hand that was dealt and stay in. I left work at 7 and came home. Yes, you read that, "I left work at 7" was what I said. I was working on invoices. And I was on and off the phone all the time. So what did I do when I got home? Fixed dinner, watch Austin Powers on TV (not as funny as on DVD, more on the A.P. on Tv thing in a minute), and fell asleep in the recliner. Yea, apparently I became a grandfather last night. No I don't have any kids or grandkids, I just zonked out after a glass of milk, a sandwich, and a few chips with Mama's Mexican Layer Dip. Not sure what did it, but I was out like a light. After I slept for about an hour or two, I woke up and said hmm, I could wake up and be up all night OR I can go to bed now and get a good night's sleep since I haven't had more than 6 hours one night this week. What would you do? Went to bed.

I know, it's boring. But I've had an eventful day today. Let's see, I...ate two bowls of Wheaties...messed around on the internet...went to the gym. Wow, what a waste of a day. Oh well, I had a big night Thursday at Mom and Dad's in G'Town and I'll have a huge friggin night tonight. You have to have boring nights in there or else you start to run down your engines. I find that I do more things on the weeknights lately than on the weekends. Don't know why. I'm sure the attack of WHITE DEATH 2006 PARTS 1 & DEUX had something to do with it. Oh well, I'll make up for it tonight at the
GRAND KREWE OF PTOLEMY'S 2006 CORONATION BALL at the UClub. Doors open at 8, with the presentation at 9.

Was that a good plug? I thought so. Well I'm charging my digital camera right now for plenty o' pics. I'll post the best on here.

What are we doing late night? Well probably going to the Monkey as we usually end up there after Ptolemy stuff. Of course we may all be too tipsy to go to a bar. Or we may go to Raiford's. Wait, they may go to Raifords. The only way I go there anymore is if I'm chasing. Or someone else is driving, paying my way in, and putting up with my Cootie Brown ass.

Anyways, who all will be there tonight? Don't know about bloggers other than Kat, maybe Joseph Koury. That's all I know of. I know he used to be a member or at least shows up to the parties. There's no telling. Oh yea, Mom and Dad will be there.

OH YEA! The Austin Powers thing. Ok, as I was watching Austin Powers 2 (Spy Who Shagged Me) those damn commercials came up so I started flipping channels and what did I find Austin Powers (International Man Of Mystery) on another channel. Either Lorne Michaels or Mike Myers made a deal with a red scaley guy with a tale who lives in eternal damnation. I'm not accusing anyone, I'm just saying that someone is getting some serious royalties outta this deal.

It's kinda funny to go back and look at these kinda movies and see who got bit parts and have now become more familiar faces to me. There's the tall guy from MadTV that you always catch in reruns on Comedy Central. And then of course the man who we now call Mr. Everywhere, Will Ferrell, had the Mustafa (sp?) part in 1 & 2. Those were the only two I really noticed before I fell asleep. I also did notice how bad Heather Graham's acting was in 2 (and the TV dorks couldn't figure out why they should have watched Emily's Reasons before giving it the greenlight). Ok, yea she is hot and yea she was actually good in Swingers and yea she got naked and freaky in Boogie Nights WITH roller skates on, but other than that what does she have going for her?

By the way, if anyone in Midtown is looking for some late-night sustenance, I HIGHLY recommend Destiny Diner at Printer's Alley. The BBQ pizza is really good (even better when you've had a few too many). The wings aren't that great though. The bones always break when I'm eating them. And everytime I go I always meet interesting crazy folks. Oh yea, if for some odd chance that couple from back in early January is reading this blog, sorry. I was very, very drunk (my roommate was driving) and I didn't realize that I said what I said outloud until after it was over. For those of you who are in the dark, good. I'm not reliving all my embarassments on the friggin internet.

Remember, Caffeine is the Debil, Bobby Buche!

Songs on the Playlist (random mix of stuff downloaded recently):
Slaughter - Up All Night
U2 - Angle of Harlem
Nick Glider - Hot Child In The City (this song sucks, delete)
Bob Dylan - All Along The Watchtower (much better)
Matisyahu - King Without a Crown (the rapping reggae Hasydic Jew, CRAZINESS!)
John Hiatt - Paper Thin
Michael Andrews feat Gary Jules - Mad World
Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine
Whitesnake - Slow and Easy (no Tawny Kataen, sorry, even I wouldn't put up with her psycho ass. Dude, she beat her husband who was a PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL PLAYER. Bitch can whoop some ass!)
Joe Cocker - My Baby Wrote Me A Letter
Kelis - Trick Me

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