Cowboy Mouth recap and stories

Well it is the morning and here is what’s wrong:

I have a headache.
My ears are ringing.
My left knee feels like it is about to give out.



(This is going to be a long post so if you have a lot of time to read it now, I recommend coming back when you do. If you just want to read about last night’s show, skip down)

I have been going to Cowboy Mouth shows since I was a senior in high school. Every chance I could see them I would. Here are my three personal favorite shows (no particular order, and the years are hazy):
1. Cowboy Mouth & Better Than Ezra at the New Daisy (2002-2003?)
Unbelievable show. Cowboy Mouth played first and then they all came back on stage.
2. Cowboy Mouth in the Grove at Ole Miss (1998-1999?)
Huge Crowd, beautiful night, stage built in front of the Union. These two guys started to fight in the middle front of the crowd. I heard it was over some girl they were both seeing or something. Fred stopped the band. Grabbed his wireless mike and walked into the crowd to explain to the kids to be cool. Blew my mind.
3. Cowboy Mouth played Thursday night of Spring Break 2001 in South Padre Island (long story)
I know this year for sure. 12+ of us went to South Padre Island in Texas for spring break. That year Ole Miss decided to pick the week BEFORE the rest of the country for spring break. So it was Baylor University from Waco, five colleges from CANADA (wtf?), and the various groups of Ole Miss kids in a spring break haven that usually contained the majority of spring breakers from Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, TCU, SMU, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, etc. Needless to say the crowds everywhere were small so it was easy to get a drink, BUT you want huge crowds at Spring Break. That Wednesday I saw a flyer for Cowboy Mouth to play the first gig at the “Spring Break Headquarters” the next night. We decided to go. Thursday afternoon a few of us decided to get some McDonald’s for dinner to have food in our stomachs. We are coming back into the hotel and get on the elevator with these two old dudes. It takes me about 30 seconds after the doors close before I turn to them and say “Hey, aren’t you the bass player and guitarist for Cowboy Mouth?” Turns out they were. They were staying down the hall from us and were coming back to get a few things from their rooms before they headed to the show. Pretty cool! About 8 of our group went and watch with the rest of a ridiculously small crowd as Cowboy Mouth put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Afterwards, we hung around and Fred came out to say hi to whoever was left. We got our picture taken with him. Unfortunately, the guy who had the camera (also from Ole Miss) lost it in the ocean by the end of the week (I’m still pissed). Anyway, later we were back in our rooms drinking after all the bars had died down. Everyone’s doors were open and we were just hanging out. I had ordered a pizza and eaten most of it. Next thing I know I step into the hallway and here comes Fred. In my inebriated state, I relay AGAIN what a great show it was despite the small crowd. Fred thanks me. I offer him a piece of pizza and next thing I know, I’m hanging with Fred from Cowboy Mouth in my hotel room with a few other friends and sharing a pizza with him. That was the coolest night of the week.

Ok, I know that was name-dropping, but I told that story to illustrate how badass last night was! Let me set it up for you:
- Your Memphis Tigers won, so the crowd would be nuts (I am not jumping on that bandwagon)
- Their LSU Tigers won, so anyone from Louisiana would be nuts (i.e. THE BAND)
I get a call from my buddy about 8:30. He relayed the same info to me. I told him I’d pick him up in 45 minutes. So here is the PRESHOW prognosis:

Crowd will be crazy. Cowboy Mouth will be crazy. We will be crazy. Sounds like someone’s going to have a big time tonight!

I told him I had to take a quick shower and then I’d come pick him up. While I was getting dressed, I got a voicemail from someone named Tina asking if Cowboy Mouth had started yet? I called the number back and it wasn’t TINA, it was GINA. She and her husband, CB, were considering coming so she wanted to know what it was like. I told her I’d let her know once I got there (they will henceforth be known CBGB just because that is a cool nickname, even though they aren’t punks).

I pick up H and we head up there. Run into TB, CT & wife, and PF. I also saw sweet Amy up there. Her hot friend from the last Happy Hour was there. I can’t ever remember her name. Saw folks from high school. The list goes on and on. The point is it was crowded as hell just in the bar!

We slowly make our way through the line and into the stage area. Run into CBGB and also Mr. Walrus. We are drinking beer. Laughing loudly. H is sticking with his “brown liquor”. Then the song over the PA randomly stops. Another random one comes on. Something Creole-esque. Anticipating the arrival of our stars, the crowd moves en masse towards the stage, and nothing happens. The song ends and another comes on. There is a collective sigh of despair throughout the crowd. Then the band sneaks on stage in the dark and...THE LIGHTS COME ON AND BLIND US. THE CROWD COLLECTIVELY SCREAMS AT THE SAME TIME. I LOOK TO MY LEFT AND SEE THIS GUY:

ok blogger isn't letting me post pics right now. i don't know why. I'll post them later.
right here should be a pic of a guy on another guy's shoulders AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SHOW.

At this point I officially knew that tonight was going to be CRAZY! The rest of the show is a haze in my memory consisting of loud drums, a hot bass playing chick, great guitar licks, and great songs. My overall review is that this was the best show I’ve ever seen them play.

The following statements are specific memories from last night that are not in any chronological order. I just have to share them with you:
- “move one step closer, now move another step closer”
- “hug the person next to you even if you don’t know them”
- “The Voodoo Shop” is a great song
- Whatever that song about St Charles Ave is great
- We all got on the floor during “Jenny Says”
- Fred’s shirts was soaked with sweat by the third song’s end
- One of the guys from Ingram Hill joined them on stage for “Jenny Says”
- There were two road-whores/groupies/strippers/whatever at the left stage door dancing on the stairs. They weren’t part of the act or with the band, but they were crazy! Just dancing “nasty like.” Yes, that is a type of dancing. I tried to get a picture of them but I was too far away with or without flash.
- The bartenders as usual were awesome. Thanks guys.

I’ll end this by saying the following:
It was an awesome show. You suck if you didn’t go. If you did go and I didn’t see you, sorry, but that’s your fault (ha). Next time I stress the importance of a concert, do one of the following so you will be there:
1. get a babysitter
2. tell the wife you are going no matter what
3. tell the husband you are going no matter what
4. grow some cojones and get out. I don’t care if it is a weeknight; you need to live this life while you have it!

Have a great one

Songs on the Playlist:
Alanis Morissette – Univited
The Grateful Dead – Next Time You See Me
Pat Green & Cory Morrow – Delia’s Gone
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Leave My Girl Alone (live)
Jimmy Buffett – Domino College
David Bowie – Changes
The Pretenders – Kid
Garth Brooks – Ain’t Going Down
Frank Sinatra – When I Was Seventeen
Bobby Darin – Mack The Knife
Jimmy Buffett – A Pirate Looks At Forty
3 Doors Down – Loser
Al Green – You Ought To Be With Me
Luciano Pavarotti – Maria, Mari
Cowboy Mouth – Angel With A Broken Wing


charly said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't jumped onto the Memphis bandwagon. I mean, whatever. GO SEC!

As much as I hate UT, Kentucky, and LSU, I will always cheer for them in a tournament like the NCAA tourney.

And Texas blows. Texas can go fuck their momma's Mexican labor. Minus the Bush family, I hate Texas. They just screw everything up.

Anonymous said...

Props to the Cowboy Mouth fan! Just wanted to give you a shout out for being a true Cowboy Mouth fan. FL loves Cowboy Mouth too! I cannot wait to get to the next show.

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