The Drunks At Night, Are Big and Bright...Deep In The Heart Of Texas

In college I had several friends from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and other cities throughout Texas. One of the guys in particular would NEVER stop talking about how much better Texas was than everything else in the world:

"Oh my God! The girls in Texas are SOOOO crazy and hot! They love tequila and Lone Star beer. Hehehehehe."

"Oh my God! The golf courses in Texas are SOOO unbelievable! When I get back to San Antonio, I'm going to work at the golf course in the quarry. It is such an awesome course."

And on and on and on it went. He fit the stereotype of the "Texas guy" who would have a Tshirt that said "Don't Mess With TEXAS!!!" But he is cool and a great friend so we put up with it. We called him Spilly.

Well, Spilly, I guess the world just got better thank Texas. Check out this story. Things are going downhill in Texas.

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