Do you do this?

Get a coke. Grab a small bag of regular salted peanuts. Mix in a cup. Drink & eat it. Delicious.

This is an old Southern treat that not many people of my generation or the generation before me know about. It comes from long time ago when the kids from the farms would ride their bikes to the local general store. They'd buy a bag of peanuts and a coke bottle. They'd drink about an inch or so of the coke, then pour as many peanuts into the bottle as they could. Why? Because you can't ride a bike while holding a coke bottle and eating nuts. Hence a great Southern delicacy was born.

Most of my friends who have witnessed this or whom I have told think this is crazy. But it is great. Try it sometime.

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Drew said...

Im a Yankee and I do this, so it must not be too southern...HAHAHA. You need to get down for some baseball games this year. Right Field is the place to be!!

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