Let me begin this post by stating the following facts (or as I call them, obvious facts):
I am not gay. I don't know much about fashion. I am not a girl. I am lucky if I can walk out of my house and look decent.

Having said that, I can now say that the attire that the young lady in the pic above wore to work the other day made my head hurt. Why? Because I couldn't understand what woman would think this looks like something I'd wear out of the house (or even in the house for that matter). Yes, she is a college freshman who is working part time during her spring break, but come on! Purple Ugg boots, black jeans and a red shirt? I am retarded or is that bit of a stretch?

Please tell me if this is a nosebleed or not. Thanks.

Oh, you want to know what am I wearing today? Blue jeans, brown boots, and a yellow golf shirt. What did I wear to work during the week? Same outfit but with different colored golf shirts.


Lexie said...

Purple and red do not go together. In fact one should not wear shoes that are a completely odd color as purple. Its not like they are cute dress shoes. The only exception that I can think of in the shoe catagory is green shoes (like the green doc martens that I am wearing today.) BUT it is St. Paddy's day and this is an acceptable situation.
She should be reported to the fashion police.

NICK A. DAVIS said...

Fashion 911 is needed!!

Cool blog!!

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