Hood Drinking

A few weeks ago, this downtown blogger Paul put a post with pics detailing “what the bums downtown are drinking”. It was funny. It gave me an idea (hey all ideas are stolen/borrowed):

What are the homies drinking in the ‘hood down by my office (South Memphis). “They” have a great affinity to park in our late afterhours and drink. During the colder months we’d find Smirnoff bottles. No not the vodka, but the…wine coolers? I don’t know what the hell they are. Smirnoff twisted whatever.

But now it is getting warm outside. I wonder what they’re drinking now. It looks like 40s and cans. So if you are ready to blend in with the locals, I recommend drinking some of these in parking lots in industrial areas of South Memphis.

While we are on the subject of thugs and substance abuse, guess what I saw yesterday afternoon in the Target parking lot as I walked back to my truck. There was this thugged out bro with his old lady ROLLING A FUCKING JOINT IN THEIR CAR! What the hell? It is 4 in the afternoon and these two are sitting in the parking lot at Target in East Memphis ROLLING A FUCKING JOINT! I mean come on you hoodie, this is SUNDAY at TARGET and there are FAMILIES walking by you...WITH LITTLE KIDS. I thought about getting the security guy to drive over or something, but he probably wouldn’t do anything. Just pull up and ask them to leave. He was an urbanly indigenous individual in a tank top with big dredlocks. If I had said something, I would probably have been shot. People are idiots.


charly said...

Natty Ice... YYEEEAAAAHHHH! Ah, memories. I already feel as if my college days are slippin' away.

Anonymous said...

Urbanly indigenous - I love that. But all due respect - I enjoy the same flavors the hoodies enjoy. Perhaps I should take up residence under a bridge nearby your office. Looks slightly fun.

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