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Ok folks, I finally understand what our (yes, including my) enjoyment was with Desparate Housewives for so long. We (yes, including you) were waiting for The Sopranos to return with a bang...and a jerk...and a baby...and everything else that made that show so damn great. So we put up with mediocre crap until it finally came back.

I love it! You can see a little of Livia coming out in Janice who obviously disapproves of her new kid. Did you see the way she was looking at her child while she was feeding on those ridiculously huge (and tatted) teats? It was a look of contempt, in my opinion.

Did anyone else see the hanging coming? I figured that was far away down the road. But obviously I was wrong. Then the shooting? WTF?!? That completely caught me by surprise.

I have to say I'm going to watch the show one more time this week because of two reasons:
1. I want to figure out what that song was at the beginning or at least what the hell the guy was saying.
2. I was watching it with 4 people who had never watched more than 2 episodes in their collective lives (which also affected #1)

But man that blew me out of the water. I kept reading articles saying that after Tony's mother died, he lost a worthwhile antagonist and the show was hopelessly (sp?) afloat. I don't think so. I believe that David Chase has plenty in the writing for us.

Did anyone else notice (except when they were eating) how most shots of Carmela and Tony were mostly from a distance? I thought that was rather interesting.

Oh, and how about Meadow dancing for Fin in the beginning? That was hot!

Ok, I'm going to publish two more tv recaps tonight. One post though. I definitely don't want to mix DH with this show. Two different levels. And if you couldn't tell, the Sopranos is 100 times better. Grey's is closer to the Sopranos, but not that close.

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