How you durrin?

For Lent I thought long and hard about what I could give up or do. I finally settled on going to the gym at least 4 days a week. Doesn’t sound like something tough? Well it’s tougher than you think. I have other things going on:
I’m moving this month.
My social calendar is almost full all month long.

I usually find myself skipping out on gym time during the rest of the year when my calendar is full of other promises and obligations. But now I can’t because I made a pact with God that I would do this. Why did I choose this instead of giving something up? Because I can give anything up. That’s not a problem. I did alcohol one year. Not a big deal. I’ve given up caffeine drinks anyway. But this takes dedication and determination. Plus whenever I work out I am in my own little world (even though there are others around). I can think without any problems or distractions. It’s almost as good as standing in the shower contemplating things (at the current apt, the hot water runs out in 10 minutes so I can’t do much thinking there). So I can use this for personal reflection time as well as self-improvement.

So last night was a clusterf*ck. I ended up staying at the office until 6. I went to the gym to run. Afterwards I came home to shower. I got stuck on a few phone calls and ate a little dinner. Then I grabbed my beer fridge and bar along with their contents and moved all that to the new house (along with a little bit of hunting stuff). After that I drove around delivering Mardi Gras tickets. I didn’t get home to relax until about 10:45 (I usually need about an hour or two each day to really wind down before going to sleep).

But I’ve been very disciplined despite this. I’ve been eating well on top of exercising. But today I relapsed. My lunch consisted of a steak sandwich with pretzel sticks and Jello. I knew that wasn’t enough, so I ran to the Exxon at 3rd and Mallory before I ate to pick up a bag of chips or something to go with it. Bad idea. I grabbed a king size bag of Skittles, a bag of honey roasted peanuts, some beef jerky, and a 3 Musketeers bar. No I haven’t eaten it all. But after the steak sandwich, a 3 Musketeers bar, some skittles, and beef jerky stick (Jack Links Rocks!!!), I feel, well, “bleh”. That’s the only way to describe it. Oh well. I will still go work out.

So what’s the moral of the story? Junk food makes you feel like SHIT! Leave it alone and eat healthy. Yes, every once in a while have a little as a reward or something, but other than that leave it alone.

As far as tonight goes, I’m going to the bank and then the gym IMMEDIATELY after work. I’ll shower and probably get to the Happy Hour about 7 as usual. Is it bad if the chairman never shows up on time to his own event? Well, I guess it’s better that I stick with tradition.

BTW the Raiford’s Cadillac drove by while I was at the Exxon. Foreshadowing for the weekend? Or tonight?
Doubtful. Very doubtful.

Songs on the Playlist:
Loretta Lynn & Jack White – Portland Oregon
Led Zeppelin – Black Mountain Side
Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl
INXS – Suicide Blonde
Bob Dylan – Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
Barenaked Ladies – If I Had A Million Dollars

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