Last Night's Happy Hour

Well, I really need to start checking the local sports schedules when I pick my dates and places for the Happy Hours. Why? Because last night the Tigers played in the C-USA tourney at the FedEx Forum at the same time we had the Happy Hour. AND after yesterday's horrible rain storm during the day, everyone was gun shy. Take all this into consideration and we still had close to 50 people show up (most early before going to the game).
I got to meet a few new folks and finally remember some names. I hate that: people I meet at the most random times and places and can't ever remember their names. I won't say who they are, but I now DO KNOW their names. But we had our usual suspects and a few others. Kat showed up along with her friends. I ducked out after 3 beers because I hadn't eaten and I needed to go to bed early (which still didn't happen). I've been burning the candle at both ends lately and it's starting to catch up with me.

Ok here is a pic from last night. Queen Laura (very center) took a great pic of some of the guys (including me). I'll post that when I get it.

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