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Ok, this is my favorite blog that covers a very unique subject: Terrains of the Heart by Four D Blues. I don't know who this is or even how I stumbled upon it, but it has quickly become one of my favorite non-personal blogs.

For those of you who don't know what this blog covers, allow me to explain. This person goes around Mississippi with a camera and takes pictures of the scenery or specific locations in relation to the history of the blues in Mississippi. With each post there is a song that can relate to the picture or the specific location in the picture. This covers two topics near and dear to my heart: Mississippi and the blues. How are these important to me? Each are unique parts of my life.

My mother's side of the family is from Mississippi. I went to Ole Miss. I grew up going to spend time with family in the Batesville area. I have driven many times through the Delta and the hills. I have been to the swamps and the pine forest. It is a beautiful state when you aren't just blazing through it down I-55 or on your way to Tunica. I can get lost in the backroads and all my concerns and stress will just melt away. There is nothing like driving down a dirt road with the windows down in the spring. Just puts a smile on your face.

The blues is where every song I have ever loved came from (in my opinion). Rock came from the blues. Country came from the same roots as the blues when white people started playing it. Rap/Hip Hop came from RnB and Soul. They were just the destination that the natural progression of the blues went to. Everyone tried to play the blues and make it their own style (look at Led Zeppelin) and that is where the newer genres of music came from. Again, all these are my opinions. And who can't love the blues? Sometimes you need it just so you can shed a tear. Go to a bar on Beale St (not a dance club) with a live band and tell me if almost every song they play isn't derived from the blues, if not the blues itself. Obviously music is an important part of my life. If I'm not listening to music while I'm doing something, I am humming a tune or signing a song a capella. Hell, I include a list of songs I'm listening to just to inspire people to find things that aren't just on the radio or in the dance club. There is a lot of great music that came out years ago that we don't know because we grew up plugged into MTV (which now sucks donkey balls!) Sorry for that rant.

So this blog really hit home for me. I check it several times a week just to see what wonderful new places "Four D Blues" has put up and what songs he/she has covered on it. There are a lot of just beautiful shots. I hope you enjoy it like I do.

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