Weekend Recap

So how was your weekend? Mine was fine.

Friday night, I was going to head to the walrus show at Dan McGuinness in East Memphis. That didn't happen. I got a call from Gordo. He was at Jennie & Walker's house with a bunch of friends. We went there and I was about 12 beers behind, which is always a fun state to be in. Why? Because everyone else acts like a fool and you'll be the one person who'll definitely remember it.

Saturday, I ran to the gym for a little while. Then I came home, worked around the apt., and took a shower. After getting dressed, I ran to my grandmother's house for dinner. Her sister-in-law was in town with one of her sons and his wife. We had a nice time. She has a tamale casserole, a baked ham, and some BBQ. Oh yeah, we also had her great green jello. This is a family treat that we get maybe 5 times a year: Xmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Dad's Birthday, and if family visits. It is green jello with cherries in it and some type of marshmellow topping. It is BADASS!!!
Ok, so I was there for about 4 hours, then I left and called Mark & Leanne. They were at Alex's Tavern watching the Tigers/Houston game & the Duke/UNC game with Tim & Mary (yea I was the 5th wheel). I went there to hang out and have a beer or two. I forgot that Alex's didn't take plastic. So they let me have a few beers on their tab. I came home after that and got up this morning about 9:30.

I'm resting up for this week. Ptolemy Happy Hour is this Thursday. I'll post the flyer later this week. Then the Mardi Gras party is Saturday. I'll also be moving bit by bit all week long.

I'm getting off this thang. Take it sleazy folks.

Quote of the post: Joe Dirt "I'm a bit of a croco-phile so don't try this at home."
Songs on the Playlist:
The Grateful Dead - It Must Have Been The Roses
Nickel Creek - Smoothie Song
The Clash - Train In Vain (Stand By Me)
The Cars - Shake It Up
Led Zeppelin - Your time Is Gonna Come

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