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Ok, I know I promised a review of last night's episode of Lost but here I sit over 15 hours later and I am still blown away. How do you review that? I'll leave the full review up to the folks at the Entertainment Weekly's TV watch (although we all know how wrong the folks at EW are until after the world falls in love with a show).

Quick comment: the actress who plays Claire has the most beautiful blue eyes. Anyone else notice the Mother with the Lost baby (i.e. the Frenchwoman, Rousseau) and the Mother who still has her baby (i.e. Claire) both have beautiful but piercing blue eyes. I don't know if that is coincedence or not, but man when they were both looking around the medical "hatch" with so much intensity in each of their eyes, it just jumped out at me.

I'll try to go more into things later because my head is still swimming with thoughts about the show. I'll also post a quick schedule about next week's social calendar. There are several items that are NOT TO BE MISSED.

Songs on the Playlist (Buffet, Marley, & Jack Johnson mix at work)
Jimmy Buffett - Tin Cup Chalice
J.B. - Sunny Afternoon
J.B. - Manana
J.B. - Great Filling Station Holdup

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