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Ok, here's the upcoming social calendar.

I just heard about this after work. Walrus is playing tomorrow night (Friday night) at the Dan McGuinness in East Memphis. Always a good show. But I have to ask, are their venues getting smaller? I mean every time I've seen them play somewhere, it's been Newby's or at a private party. Now they're at Dan McGuinness. I've been there before. Is there even room for a friggin band? There wasn't when it was Patrick's. Oh well. I don't know if I'll make it. I'm going to pack up boxes and move all weekend.

Thursday Next Week: the Grand Krewe of Ptolemy's March Happy Hour at the Flying Saucer downtown. Will be fun. I've heard a lot of buzz about this. Speaking of buzz...

Saturday Next Week: THE PHOENIX CLUB'S ANNUAL MARDI GRAS PARTY (benefitting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis). Be there or else. If you've never been, you don't know what you're missing. If you have been and yet you actually are considering missing it, you are officially old and are no longer allowed to be referred to as "cool". There is no debate.

Ok, I'm going to hit the hay now. I'm going to get up early and get some work done before the day begins.

G'night kids.

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