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Ok, I'm not going to write a thesis on this week's episode, although I could. Instead I'm going to write a ton of observations and notions with a funny story at the end (spoiler article!):

In the Dream World where Tony currently resides (mentally):
He lost his wallet and briefcase and picked up the same items that belong to a man named "Kevin Finnerty." In this world Tony is becoming Kevin Finnerty while still searching for Anthony Soprano. Check out this trick:
Kevin Finnerty => kevInFinnerty => InFinnerty => InFinnety => Infinity
Interesting. Yea, I could have just mentioned the similarities, but hey, who doesn't like a conspiracy theory involving Tony's life. Now think about this Tony hasn't slept the entire time he has been in this dream world. That brings up the thought that if he is stuck in "infinity," when will he sleep? Do you need sleep? He is in an induced coma in the real world which is keeping him in this dream world and therefore his physical body is technically sleeping. But his subconscious mind is not as it has created this dream world where Tony is a loving father and husband and works for a defense contractor company that does work with the government (specifically the military). He has the opportunity to cheat with a willing woman, but he doesn't (according to EW.com's recap). I don't remember that but whatever. This brings me to another question:
Which is Tony's natural behavior/character? Devoted family man who is honest, faithful, and good, or the mafioso that we've watched for the last 5 seasons who will kill, cheat, lie, do anything to survive, etc.? I think it is the latter. Here's why: Anthony Soprano in the dream world is a good an honest man (at least those are the clues we got). Now that he is slowly taking Kevin Finnerty's identity to survive, we watch him change. He is using the man's credit card to live. He is making out with a strange woman he just met in a parking lot. He is slowly falling into darkness as his evil side begins to take over slowly in this dream world. Will he fight it and do good in order to return to his family? I think he will have to find the real Kevin Finnerty in the dream world to get his identity back (if he actually exists) so he can go home both in the dream world to that family and come out of the coma to get back to his families in the real world (mafia and regular).

Dream item next: where he is located. In the dream world, Tony is at a convention in Cosa Mesa (apparently one of many conventions there). Cosa Mesa literally translates from Spanish to English as "Thing Table". The way I interpret that is Tony came to this place as the "thing" on the "table" in the operating room. I think Cosa Mesa is an actual city in Arizona or New Mexico or some state out west.
But in this dream world, it is a place where there is a lot of religious symbolism on the TV. Here is a question: is the hotel-bar TV screen a gateway to heaven or hell? Here is what we've seen so far on it:
- A question asking "Are, sin, disease, and death real?"
- Raging wildfires (specifically a red fire at night surrounding a tree)
At first I thought this had to be a communication to God in heaven, but now I'm not so sure about that. Why did I think this? The red fire around the tree made me think it might be the burning bush from the Bible. But the more it came on the show and the more I've thought about it, it may be hell tempting Tony in this place. We will have to see.
At the beginning of the episode Tony saw (or we saw) a light at the horizon. Could that be heaven? It has a search beacon (like at an airport) that keeps flashing in the window. You have to wonder why there is a light to bright that it is seen at night.
Here is one way to look at the paths for Tony in the dream world: Obviously the sky is the way to the "real" world in the hospital. The TV shows the pathway to Hell. The horizon is where Heaven is. Just a thought.

And with a bang, we are back in the real world where a makeup less Edie Falco plays an emotionally drain Carmela (still with ri-donk-ulessly long fingernails). I'm telling you now, that one of the hospital scenes made me say (literally) that we just watched Edie Falco earn her next Emmy.

Meadow is trying to reconsider her career goals (according to EW.com's report). I don't know about that. It was too boring for me to pay attention to. The only time I watch Meadow on the screen right now is when she's dancing in her drawers. That was hot. Right now, it seems like she is only there to console the family and fill that role. She needs some drama. Why don't they give her a wacky roommate who pulls out her hair and is depressed. Oh wait they already did that.

Tony is lying in bed with a GIANT open hole in the stomach where they removed the bullet. That was nasty. I don't know why they keep that open. Does anyone know?

Janis flipped out when she saw them change the dressing. Man, is she slowly turning into her mother or what?

In the crew, the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan. Silvio stepped up to the plate to take the reins in the here and now while they wait to see what's going to happen with the family. I'd venture to make a guess, but since David Chase and the writers are just setting up the different people to fall or survive, I'm going to play it safe and wait.

I loved it when Paulie called A.J., Van Helsing. It was also cool to show that he wouldn't back down to Vito to take the son of the "skipper" home. Definitely setting up a huge power struggle in the future.

Speaking of Van Helsing, I mean A.J., I think Tony's death/battle with death will be the arc that sends A.J. into "the family." Take a look at this:
Tony was always a disappointment to his mother. Now A.J. is a disappointment to his mother. Tony never did well in school and made it through one semester at college. A.J. was just told by the dean of students not to bother coming back. A.J. is following his destiny to become ANTHONY JUNIOR. All he does is talk about cars and pop culture. He is going to be a party planner. Now he has sworn to his dying father that he will avenge him by putting "a bullet in his (Uncle Junior's) fuckin' mummy head."

Interesting folks. Very interesting. I don't know what's on the menu for Sopranos night this week. This past week, DP made two badass homemade pizzas. I think I may have to make Spaghetti with a little red wine for DP and AT. This will be interesting.
Oh Yea! (sarcasm alert) DP is a freaking genius! He took the first pizza out of the oven and was about to cut it. He grabs the pan with his left hand and yells "OUCH!" So he puts an oven mit on his left hand. AND THEN GRABS THE PAN WITH HIS RIGHT HAND!!! He asked me not to put this in the blog. Oh well, I had to share that. And I referred to him in code where only people who really know him and who I've always had "Sopranos Night" with will be able to figure out who he is...which is a lot of people.

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