The Problem with the Internet and Email

(well at least today's version of what is driving me crazy on the net)

I hate the repeat emails. You know the one you got 4 years ago in college...TWICE? Yea, those suck.

Back in college I got an email about the 7'4" 320 lb woman (who was hot!). Well that email has resurfaced again. I got it twice in the last week. Why can't emails just die? Seriously! I never thought it was funny enough to forward it the first time. And now it has come back. The funny thing is that it wasn't my parents or anyone from that generation who forwarded it to me. It was a young lady my age (well actually she's 30, but if I say anything about the age difference, she'll probably kick my ass).

Am I the only person who gets annoyed by this? Surely there are other emails out there that got a chuckle 5-6 years ago and I'm going to get again in a week or two. Or maybe I'll get another warning about the end of the earth when we hit the Y2K in a few months. OOOOOO!!!

Speaking of Y2K, Office Space was on TV the other day. "Hey, Peter-man! Free breast exam on Channel 9!"

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