What the Hell is wrong with People?

Ok, I was going to make this a real quick, two sentence post, but I have to bitch about something now. I was just on the phone. I was leaving a message for someone else who obviously wasn’t there. The man I was speaking to took my name. This is how it went. See if you can find where an elementary education didn’t come into play:

Me: “Ok tell her to ask for Philip when she calls back.”
Man: “Now that’s P-H-I-L-U-P right?”
Me: “Uh, no. P-H-I-L-I-P.”

Did you catch it, dear reader? I can’t describe the puzzlement I feel right now. Have you ever met anyone, anywhere who spells “Philip” any way besides the one or two ‘L’ way:

Please tell me what you think. Am I making a big deal out of this or do I justifiably have reason to fear for human existence beyond the next few generations?

I mean it's not like this is a unique name like Nosmo King, Nopar King, Lemonjello, or Oranjello. My name is the same as one of the Twelve Disciples. It's like someone trying to spell "Mary" as "Mari" or something. Completely blows my mind. I’ll post the other thing later when I’m not so shocked and distraught over the direction our collective knowledge is headed.

Philup, I mean Philip

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Lexie said...

Sorry I meant to post it in this one.
He was probably thinking that he needed to "philup" his hooptie on the way to the place where he stays at. :)

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