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I know I promised the other recaps last night, BUT long story. Quick version:
We don't have wireless at my new place yet so I was using my roommate's computer which is in his room. He goes to bed at 10 every night. So I had to hop off after the last post. So here is a quick rundown of Grey's and DH.

DH sucks now.
Grey's still rocks.

Kidding. I'm going to go a little more in depth before work starts.

DH sucks now. It is becoming more and more predictable to me. It must be in a sophomore slump. Can we get to the end of Bree's fight with her gay son? And what happened to her slutty daughter who just threw men under the bed?
Carlos and Gabby doing whatever it takes to get a kid. Cool, but I would still have to say a bit of a stretch. I know a family who went to Texas to adopt a kid. And they were from Mississippi. So send Gabby & 'los on location to...wherever.
Tom & Lynette solving their differences by screwing in an elevator before a presentation? I don't know about you, but I've only seen one elevator going to that office. So not only were they late for the meeting, but they kept the clients in the lobby while they violated each other in the elevator.
And Susan? She is just a clusterfuck. Sorry. This woman must have kicked puppies as a child to deserve this much bad luck.
Overall they have too many stories going in too many directions. The show used to work because they were all entertwined somehow. The only real plotline that keeps me interested is a continuation (basically) of last season with the Mike/Paul Young/Zach Young fight against the old grandad. And that's still not worth reviewing.

And Grey's. It was good. Good to see Meredith trying to take responsibility for her mess up with George. Good to see George playing hard to get (with the anti-Ellen Pompeo, i.e. the new love interest who won't blow away with a slight gust of wind)...or just plain stupid. You decide.
I'm glad Christina doesn't have the skills to handle every task thrown her way. I mean she wants to be the best and always in control, but hey, she can't even handle a baby. (yet another great move by George when he held the baby and it stopped crying).
The Alex, Izzie, & heart-dude love triangle: let's speed it up people. It's getting stagnant and repeatitive (sp?)
Finally, I like where the whole Addison & McDreamy thing is heading. Him apologizing at the end was great. I like how they worked in the woman with the aneurysm and her renewed love affair with her husband to open McDreamy's eyes. That was cool. I really felt like the actor playing the husband was feeling all those feelings.
Well next week should be great.

Ok, go to work. It Tuesday which means it's almost Friday.

No songs on the playlist today.

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