Easter Weekend

Ok, I have no plans yet, but things are starting to flow together for tonight and the rest of the weekend.

I have two options for tonight. I can either head to the Peabody Rooftop with the roommate and his buddy from college. Or I can go to see Shooter Jennings with ‘MiniHer’ and friends at the Young Ave Deli. Let’s think logically about this:

If I go to the Peabody, I’ll probably pay a large cover, hang out in a meat market, and pay for expensive ass drinks. But there are always HOT women there and I may have a DD. I will have to dress up in a Lacoste and slacks with loafers though.
If I go to the Deli, I’ll pay a decent cover, hang out with the Midtown hipster crowd, and drink PBR. There aren’t always as many hot women there. Very unkept, jeans/tshirt type crowd. I can wear a polo shirt with jeans and boots and be fine.

I think I may go with Shooter. I don’t know though. I’m sure it’ll all depend on who’s leaving when and when the night will end, etc. I do have to work tomorrow. I think the deciding factor will be at which one will I have more fun. And that’s the tough question. Or as Barney would say: Which one will be more Legendary? (see Tuesday’s post on How I Met Your Mother)

Tomorrow night the Phoenix Club has a fundraiser at Newby’s for (of course) the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis with a show with Ingram Hill. Here is the breakdown:
$25 general admission for the show
$65 for the show and a preshow cocktail meet & greet with the band
If you need tickets give me your email address. I don’t know if I want to go or if I’ll get into the show. That’ll be a gut decision tomorrow night.

Saturday I’m going fishing then probably going to watch the Redbirds with Z and several others that night.

Sunday is Easter and I’ll be in church with the brand spanking new seersucker suit. I bought it in August and still haven’t worn it (you don’t wear it before Easter fool!). After that I’m running out to the folks’ house for bday lunch. The brother has a birthday on Tuesday so the whole fam damily will be together again. Sunday is Sopranos night also. So that’ll be fun.

Anyway I’ll post a recap of whatever I decide to do over the weekend.

Songs on the Playlist:
George Strait – Amarillo By Morning
Chris Clagle – Laredo
Pink Floyd – The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Ray Charles & Bonnie Raitt – Do I Ever Cross Your Mind?
Tom Petty – I Won’t Back Down
Pat Green – Here We Go
Hank Williams Jr – Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound
Robert Earl Keen – Gringo Honeymoon
Pearl Jam – Better Man
The Rolling Stones – Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Pat Green – Holdin’ On
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird (live)
Owen Temple – Dry Creek
The Grateful Dead – (Walk Me Out) In The Morning Dew
Robert Earl Keen – What I Really Mean


hibelu said...

What's wrong with the jeans & t-shirt crowd?

If it were me, I go to the low brow establishment. ;)


Philip said...

Well that's what I did. More on that later.

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