Revised Easter Weekend

What did I go with last night? Shooter Jennings at the Deli. I’ll post that story after work tonight with pics. So to answer your question K, there’s nothing wrong with the Tshirt and jeans crowd.

Since the last post the weekend plans have changed considerably. Here is the revised schedule:
Tonight I’m going to be before 10PM. Why? Because I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to go fishing. HM found some buddies with a boat so we can go on the water to fish. No more bank fishing. So sorry Phoenix Club, I’m not going to the fundraiser. I get to save my hard earned cash money. So I’m going to get up tomorrow morning, head west bound across the river and hopefully come back with an assload of fish. How much is an assload of fish? I think that’s a lot. After we finish fishing, hopefully we’ll have to clean a bunch of fish and freeze them or cook them. Then I’ll head home to shower and probably take a nap. Tomorrow night I’m headed to the Redbirds game at Autozone park.

Sunday the plans are still the same, but I am not responsible for cooking my badass tomatoes. I learned the recipe from HM. I still have to get a bday present for the brother. I don’t know what I’m going to get him so I’ll have to figure that out by Sunday too.

That’s all for now.

Songs on the Playlist:
Jimmy Buffett – Little Miss Magic
The Grateful Dead – Terrapin Station (I lasted for about 5 minutes of this song before I had to skip ahead)
O.A.R. – Hold On True (live)
Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It
Drivin N Cryin - Straight To Hell

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charly said...

Yeah, and what's up with no new Grey's until the 30th??? I guess I'll have to watch that new show with that old 7th Heaven kid.

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