I Is Regusted

I feel worn out. I didn't fall asleep last night til well after 12 and rolled out of bed at 6:45. I'm probably not going to post many great things this week unless I feel some huge inspiration. We have inventory at work so I am staying late everyday this week busting my ass pushing papers and billing whatever needs to be done. I've been at work after 6 all week long and I'll be here Saturday too. Oh well, it only happens once a year.

I have a funny email conversation to relay to you. I got it from a friend who is going to be "arrested" for one of those fundraisers. She sent out a cute little email and asked everyone to donate a little so she could reach her goal of $500. I'm sure I'll help out, but I couldn't leave this one alone. Some of you may recognize my first comment because I accidentally hit 'reply all'. Oops. I'll start with my reply to her:

ME: How much can we pay to keep you there after you've made bail?
HER: You are so not funny!!
ME: Sorry I thought I had hit reply not reply all. But seriously, how much can I donate to keep you in there an extra hour? How much for overnight?
HER: You would really hate for me to have to stay overnight, wouldn't you?
ME: Not really because I'd probably hang outside the cage for a few hours after the deal was over eating a pizza and having a few beers while having a nice laugh. Then I'd probably leave and cut the lights out so you could get a full night sleep. But don't worry, I'd leave you some bread and water.
HER: you are so mean!
ME: Hey, my buddy was thinking about putting his girlfriend in this, but he wants to know if he can get a conjugal visit.

And she still hasn't responded to that question, so I guess the answer's no.
Happy Hump Day. Go get some!

Songs on the Playlist:
Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings - Luckenbach, Texas
Robert Earl Keen - Walkin' Cane
Cory Morrow - Nashville Blues
Jimmy Buffett - Love And Luck
Robert Earl Keen - Think It Over One Time
Widespread Panic - The Take Out
Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song

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