Well congrats to Tom & Katie for their new little bundle of joy. Here is the unofficial pic of the bundle of joy this morning. They named the baby Surri. Kinda makes you wonder if that is short for 'Surrogate'. Hmm...
I wonder if the baby has started its Scientology brainwashing courses yet. Maybe they'll let it eat first. I think it may be hungry for YOUR SOULS!!!


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

That poor child doesn't stand a chance, does she?

Can you imagine having Tom as a Dad?


Philip said...

I actually wonder which child will be a bigger f-up. TomKat's kid or Cleatus & Lerlean's kid.

FYI (for those of you who don't know their nicknames)
Cleatus = Kevin Federline. Lerlean = Britney Spears
TomKat = Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

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