Is it Tuesday already?

Ok, I’m sure you’re still waiting on a post-Friday night weekend recap. Here’s a quick one:
Bachelor party was awesome. But I have one warning for everyone else in the world: no matter what the bachelor wants, do not let him drink a half bottle of red wine with dinner because he will probably take shots later.

Shots + beer + red wine + jack + red bull = an early ending AND a terrible hangover for the fool of honor.

Sunday I went to the Memphi Queen’s coronation at the Hunt & Polo Club. The Queen is really nice and really cool. And I hear her eldest son is a friggin’ stud. It was really good to see all the folks I saw there. I’m sorry I couldn’t say hi to everyone. By the time I got home from that Sunday night, the roommate was watching recorded shows. He is about 3 episodes behind on the Sopranos so we didn’t watch it. Now it is Tuesday at lunch and I still haven't seen it.

Last night was Mom’s bday so by the time I got home I was tired. But I did have enough energy to watch How I Met Your Mother, which was a new episode. I have finally figured out CBS’s collective mind on this. They go 4 weeks of reruns (or bball) and then play a new episode. So now we have to wait until the first week of May before we get another episode.

So anyway, last night’s episode rocked…on the Barney front. What Up! We have two ideas of what happens after 2a.m.: Barney’s philosophy and Ted’s philosophy. Ted takes the pessimistic view based on what his mother told him (Go to bed. Nothing good ever happens after 2a.m.). Barney takes a more optimistic view based on…well no one knows exactly where his philosophy comes from (Only legendary things happen after 2a.m.). After watching this episode, I officially am no longer in Ted’s corner. He takes this stupid, pessimistic attitude and ruins his chances with Robyn. He is such a loser. He used to be a lovable loser, but I can only deal with someone screwing up so many times and not learning their lesson before I don’t care anymore. This goes with both people on TV and in real life. Perfect example: I know a girl from college who started seeing this guy. She played hard to get in the beginning. He told her in the first few dates that he was really into her. He brought her flowers on a random date. Not a little flower, but flowers. Not 15 dates in, but around date 5. So she started getting interested and chasing him. He’d go a while without calling her back and she’d never take the hint. Then she’d get upset because he gave all these signals. And she’d wonder what she did to make him change his mind. This is the female equivalent of Ted. You shoot yourself in the foot and wonder why you are in such pain. Yeah, I know it’s easy to see what to do when it’s not you, but still. You can see Ted screw up a mile away and you could see this girl screw up a mile away too. She was such a sweet girl, but just couldn’t do the right thing with this guy and it messed her up for about 6 months.

(FYI, she eventually started to learn her lessons and ended up very happy with someone else for a few years. He treated her very well. We’ve lost touch unfortunately because she graduated before me and moved to the east coast. She’s one of those folks you wonder about and have no way of finding out until you randomly cross each other’s paths in the future)

My point is you need to learn from your mistakes and if Ted doesn’t, I’m going to be very, very pissed. Barney obviously learned from his mistakes and “suited up.” He seems happy and Ted seems down. So remember, everything after 2a.m. becomes legendary!

Wow, that was way too deep for a Tuesday. Finish your lunch and go back to work.

Songs on the Playlist:
The Grateful Dead – Ramble On Rose
Jerry Jeff Walker – I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight
Pete Townsend – Let My Love Open The Door (E.Cola Mix)
James Brown – Sex Machine
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Don’t Come Around Here Anymore
Traffic – Empty Pages
The Steve Miller Band – The Stake
Widespread Panic – Action Man
Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Yep, I was pissed at Ted last night too.

I think Barney helps make the show. You may be a bit too young but do you remember him as Doogie Houser?

I like him MUCH better as "Barney"...I never figured he could play a guy like that but he's really good at it! :)

And I have to ask...was the bachelor the ONLY one to have a massive hangover the next day or are you speaking from experience? ;)

Philip said...

I remember Doogie Houser. I didn't watch it because, yea, I was too young.

As far as I know, the bachelor was the only who was still sick the next day. Everyone had hangovers (except the one dork who left early, I'm sure he didn't because he went crawling to his girlfriend).

I had an orange and a glass of water when I got up and mine went away quickly. Plus I had eaten a lot the night before and taken an extra multivitamin before going out. That really helps. I take Super B Complex. It's like a B12 shot but with other vitamins as well.

Sam Kelley said...

found your blog by mistake, and love it, not from here in Memphis, but live here and feel for you and want to scream out like you do when i see the real Memphis....love it....love you

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