Hi, I'm a former teen queen who's been embarassed by her family worse than a certain hotel heiress/socialite has embarassed her family with her porno tape. I want to be taken seriously as an actress. Everything I do is under a microscope. I used to have a kickass body, but I decided to trade it in for a supposed eating disorder. I used to be a super-hot redhead, but now I change my hair color more often than a leopard changes his spots. No, wait, is it a chameleon who changes it's spots? I forget. But I'm putting all that and every other scandal behind me. I'm moving on with my life in order to win an Oscar one day. So I hope you will support me in whatever I do.
If you won't support me, I have something you can kiss. Oh, wait, you might like that. Nevermind.
I'll just go accept my award at this show for kids. That'll show what a great person I am and how much talent I'm carrying behind me. I think this will show the world everything I bring to the table as a serious actress who loves her fans and will always give them what they want.

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Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh, that's just lovely. Don't we all like to flash our goods every now and then??? ;)

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