Alchie Quiz Time

If you want to play along too, you can copy this and post your answers in the comment section.
1. First time you ever drank?
I don’t remember. Probably 13 or 14.

2. More of a beer or liquor person?

3. What type of drunk are you?
Depends on the night.

4. Favorite Mixed Drink:
Depends on the situation:
Cranberry & Vodka in the spring
Hot Chocolate with Peppermint Schnapps in winter
Margarita in the summer
Bloody Mary in the morning
Red Bull & Vodka at night

5. Favorite Beer:
Ouch. Again it depends on the situation:
Heineken while duck hunting
Coronas during the summer & at the lake

6. Favorite Shot:

7. Top 5 Favorite beers (if applicable):
Shiner Bock

8. More of a Bar or Club person:
Bar. I hate clubs. It must be a southern thing.

9. Alcohol you absolutely despise:
I can't think of one.

10. Ever bought a stranger a drink:
Yea, last night

11. Been thrown out of a bar/club for fighting?
Yea in college

12. Ever make out with someone in front of a cheering crowd:
Yea again in college

13. Ever buy a round for random people:
Sometime in the past year I’m sure.

14. Best band you've seen while drinking:
Robert Earl Keen, no wait, Jimmy Buffett. No it’s a tie.

15. Ever danced on the bar/stage:
Oh hell yea.

16. Best town/area to drink in:
Oxford. Just don’t drive

17. Do you forget a lot of what happens during a night of hard drinking?
Not always, but what I do forget I am usually reminded by someone else who was there.

18. Ever been drunk around your parents?
Oh hell yea.

19. Ever pissed yourself from drinking to much?
Honestly, no. I have come close.

20. What is the most shots you have had in one night?
I don’t know. There was that last little brother big brother night, but I really don’t know. And I don’t plan to find out.

21. Ever drank absinthe?
No, but I want to after reading the Tucker Max story about it.

22. What gets you into trouble when your drunk?
My words usually.

23. Ever blacked out while having sex drunk?
Not blacked out. I’ve stopped and just rolled over. Does that count?

24. Can you drink your friends under the table?
Some I can. Others I wouldn’t try to.

25. Who is your favorite person to be DRUNK with?

Remember tomorrow is HNT.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh I loved this quiz! And I had to go read the Tucker Max story...that was HILARIOUS!

Now I have GOT to try me some absinthe!!!

MG said...

Love this one...HAVE to steal it...

Ok, Tequila shots... yes, meet me at the bar ;)

But, where's the Miller Lite?

and ummm..... HNT?
just making me have to come back again later...
I see.

Philip said...

PQ - I'm dying to get some real absinthe myself. I don't think I'll drive into a donut shop afterwards though.

MG - Take it, that's what it's there for. I really don't like Miller Lite that much. And I left my camera at home and haven't really found anything worthwhile for the HNT yet. I have one possibility so we'll have to see.

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