Planning a Wedding?

Are you and your betrothed planning a wedding? Don't want to deal with the hassle of using a church or anything like that? Are you contemplating a beach wedding? Let me show you this pic to sway you back to a house of worship:
Here we have a lovely couple getting married in front of a beached whale. I hope this convinces you that getting married on a beach may not be the best thing in the world as there will be people besides yourselves there.

Word of the day: Cropdust - to let loose a large amount of flatulence and then walk through a particular area in an attempt to spread the fumes all over the area. Ex. "I was standing in the hallway talking to Barbara when Tom came through and cropdusted the entire hallway. That dude stinks!"

Songs on the Playlist:
Southern Culture On The Skids - Walk Like A Camel
Jimmy Buffett - Mental Floss


Oº°‘¨t®ãg‘°ºO said...

THAT is damn scary! OK,..I'd love to live the "natural" way but NOT if the others in my nekkid commune look like THAT!

Fame said...

I made you my whore I hope you don't mind..check out my site to find out exactly what it is...kisses fame

hibelu said...

That is absolutly terrible... I love it..


MG said...

great pic, and great point.

If I were in a little better mood, I definitely would have laughed. For now a smile will do.


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