Weekend Recap

Let's see Friday night, my sister and some of her friends were going to BBQ fest and gave me a ride. I appreciate that. I actually forgot how little 19 year old girls know about drinking. One of them was already annoyingly drunk by the time they picked me up. I don't think she liked it when I said "Hey Paris, what are you on? Calm down."

After we parked (and I had to explain that the Orpheum parking lot WAS right next to the entrance), I split off from them and went in to find my friends. I had some of the best wet ribs I've ever had at the 'Oscar & The Grouches' team. Thanks to those guys. After that I floated through about four or five different teams with my buds and ran in Kat at BBQ Republic. I had a good time there and saw a ton of folks. They kicked everyone out at 12 and my sister called to see if I needed a ride home. Why hell yeah! So I drove her car back to my house because E&H wouldn't let her in (she's only 19, but I guess that matters on BBQ fest week). She dropped me off and ran to a friend's house. I came home, ate a snack, and went to bed.

Oh yeah, when we were walking into BBQ Fest, the Bible beaters with the sign were talking on their megaphone about the Da Vinci Code. Those guys are nuts. They can take anything you say and argue against you like asinine fools.

Saturday I vegged around the house and then went to Lowe's. I bought 5 tomato plants and took them to Mom for her mother's day gift. Yea I know it's a week late, but no one bought them on Mother's Day. So my brother and I planted the plants in her garden. After that I came home. I mulled the idea of going back to BBQ fest, but I had partied for too many days and nights this week. I had some Pizza from Exline's Pizza (always good). And went to bed early.

Sunday I woke up and did a little laundry. I goofed around the house and didn't go to the gym. It was such a pretty day that I decided to go running. And this is where things went downhill. I was running through the neighborhood not paying attention. I saw some hot girl running the other way. I was watching her and stepped wrong on a curb. I twisted/sprained my ankle. I have now been gimped up at home since yesterday afternoon. I went to RiteAid and found an ankle injury kit. I put that on in the parking lot. It had an ice compress kit and gauze, etc. to wrap the ankle. I bought two new ankle braces too. After the cold pac stopped working, the roommate got me a refreezable one with a special brace. It was $20 but it rocks. It can be cooled or heated. How awesome is that? He had gone to get dinner anyway, so it didn't bother him to pick it up.

Anyway, the swelling has gone down considerably. How bad was it? My left ankle on the outside looked like a friggin' baseball. It was huge. I've kept it wrapped and iced all night and day and it feels fine. I have a doctor's appointment today at 3PM. So I'm not going to work today. I think I'll hook my laptop up to the net and do a little downloading. Yall have a great day behind the desks of the world.

Oh yeah, I read a great quote on a Jose Cuervo ad:
Good stories never start with "We were drinking Chardonnay when..."


MG said...

love the jose quote... so true.

so hot girl didn't turn around and come check on ya?


Philip said...

Hell no she didn't turn around. She was plugged into her ipod and I was watching her from behind before I fell.
How smooth am I?

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