Ok, I'm going to cover a few topics in this post:
Item 1. Holy Crap! I won some award naming this one of the best blogs in Tennessee. It even gave me a button to put on the side (down at the bottom of the stuff on the right).

Item 2. I'll post recaps of Deadwood, Lucky Larry, Entourage, and Chappelle Show later. They'll be kinda long. So what else did I do this weekend after Friday night? I slept late Saturday (obviously). I screwed around the house Saturday, avoiding drinking (read: spending money) Saturday night. Sunday I went to Oxford to help the brother move a couch, grill, bed, and other miscellaneous items back home. I watched my TV shows Sunday night and then went to bed. After Friday night, I felt I deserved to be low key. And I feel recharged today instead of drained. Nice feeling.

Item 3: Serrabee is putting together a "Blogger's Bash." Hopefully I will be able to make this one. I'd like to meet a few of the folks who's blogs I read. I just hope that it doesn't turn into a political discussion. I really don't need to hear that shite. One of two things will happen if it does: I'll leave or I'll start to belittle people for being intellectual idiots. As most of you know I keep this blog away from anything political. Mostly because I hate getting into arguments about it with people (read: people with different views) because I'm as hard headed as the next. I really don't need any added stress in my life.
So I'm going to suggest that we have two marked seating areas: one for the strict political folks (read: no social life) and the people there for fun and a good time.

Item 4: Upcoming schedule:
Wednesday July 19: Walrus plays at the Brookhaven Pub. They just added one of the keyboard players from HiFi Evolution (after HiFi broke-up, major downer).
Thursday July 20: Ptolemy Happy Hour at Autozone Park Edit: This is open to anyone, not just Ptolemy members. If you are interested, come hang out with us.
Monday July 24: Ducks Unlimited Memphis Chapter Kick-Off Fish Fry! Email me if you want to hear more about it and/or would like to join. Edit: I decided not to leave my email address on the net. If you want more info, leave a comment with a way to contact you. After I get your contact info, I'll delete the comment.

That's all I've got for now. Have a good one and don't get none on ya.


kat said...

Fish?! o_O Yum!

Philip said...

Ok, this is only for people who are interesting in joining the committee. Not open to everyone.
just FYI

AngieDawn said...

Congrats on your award!

Anonymous said...

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