Rockstar:Supernova Recap and Storm Large's Pics

Before I get to the recap of the show, remember after Storm Large's performance of "Just What I Needed", Tommy Lee (aka the Tripod) said something like "I want more!" Storm said "Tommy, I have a six letter word for you...GOOGLE." Well I was screwing around on the net when I said "Hmm..." So I googled Storm Large. After scrolling down past a few bogus looking links. I found her MySpace account. Pretty cool. Then I saw something else on google. I clicked on it and found pics of Storm. Holy crap. She's all tatt'ed up and dressed in panties, boots, and that's it. And fellas, she looks hot. I'm going to say it: DO NOT OPEN THIS LINK AT WORK. You will probably get in trouble. But damn is she hot. So I looked around the site and found a few pics of her with band. Check these out too. She's clothed, but a few are from performances and she is ridiculously sexual on stage. I can't wait until she blows it out for Rockstar. Hell, I'm going to vote for her a few more times just because of that. What can I say? I'm a man whore.

Ok, onto the show. I'm not recapping the drama from between episodes because that sucks. Here are my opinions on the artists and their performances.
Dana with "It's My Life." First I think it's a weak song. It's a latter day Bon Jovi song, and since I'm not from Jersey, I'm not too into Bon Jovi. I always thought they were more pop than rock. She did an okay job on it, but there were so many other badass performances that make her performance kinda bland.

Josh covered Nirvana's "Come As You Are." Sorry, I know the Supernova guys liked it, but I really didn't. He sang that very upbeat. It's Nirvana dude. It's supposed to be angst-ridden. Painful. It's grunge which means NOT HAPPY. Other than that he did an okay job.

Last week Jason Newstead (bassist for Supernova, former bassist of Metallica) told Phil that his performance sucked. This week, Phil got the old Jefferson Airplane song "White Rabbit." Jason got out of his seat and came to play bass on the song. I'll tell you what Phil held his own and did a great job with that song. I liked it.

Zayra did REM's "Everybody Hurts". Great song. And she sang it perfectly. Complete 180 from the crap she did last week. I think she knew what she was doing with this one.

Ryan Star covered CCR's "Fortunate Song." And he kinda sucked as usual. He's too New York. He's always serious and doesn't smile. Even Dave Navarro said so. So during the comments he smiled. If he shows a little more energy on stage, he can stay for a while I think. He's a great singer, but needs to turn up the stage presence...or as the Tripod Tommy Lee said "Show me some boat, bitch" (personally I think that comment may rival most anything Drama says on Entourage).

Lukas Rossi got to cover the Rolling Stones' "Let's Spend The Night Together." Now this song has a special place in my heart. Two of my best friend-girls from college spent a year living in Liverpool. They came back for our senior year. We'd get together a group of folks and head to the bar (go figure right?). After last call we'd stumble back to their apartment just off the Oxford Square. They'd almost always put on this song and we'd act like fools while singing this song. So when Lukas cranked this up and tried to make it heavier than it was, I didn't dig it. The guys in Supernova and Dave dug it, but I didn't. It was too angry. Listen to what the song says, Lukas. It's a guy trying to convince a girl to hook-up with him. He's not angry; he's just trying to get some strange ass.

Magni, the Icelandic dude, covered Stone Temple Pilots' "Plush." I was a huge STP fan back in the early grunge days. I loved their first two albums. Didn't really dig the third and never bought the fourth. So I love "Plush." And while Magni was no Scott Weiland, he did kick ass with that song.

Dilana. Dilana. Dilana. What can I say? Each week I wait for her to repeat herself or just fall flat. Each week she comes out and blows my mind. I hope she keeps kicking ass. She did the Cranberries' "Zombie." I kept wanting to be like the Cranberries' version, but it never was...and I was never disappointed.

Jenny covered Incubus's "Drive." I love her voice and the way she plays the guitar...BUT her voice isn't enough to keep from being drowned out from the rest of the band. I honestly don't think she has the ability to front a rock band. But she'll be badass in another band. I don't give her more than 2 more weeks.

Storm. Yeah, the chick from the pics. Have you checked them out yet? Smoking. Oh, did she perform tonight? Yeah she did. She covered "Just What I Needed" by The Cars. She did a great job. It wasn't too strong or too weak. Just right. I hope she's around for a few more weeks.

Toby, the Aussie, covered Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train." Sorry, but that song is not right for this contest. I think it was a landmine. I dug his performance, but it wasn't his best. However if that costs him and puts him in the bottom three, I'll be pissed.

Patrice covered Charles Manson's favorite Beatles song "Helter Skelter." I honestly don't remember much about it. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't memorable. The crowd and Supernova liked it so I'm sure she'll be back for next week.

Jill covered Free's "All Right Now." She is smoking at 5' 2". And she has a voice and a presence on the stage that blows my mind. She did a good job for it too.

Overall, I enjoyed tonight's show. I'm gonna jet and hit the hay. Keep dreaming your dreams folks.


MG said...

I haven't read the recap yet... but I'm definitely coming back to (I missed it last night due to excessive drinking) I just wanted to say, wow, she IS hot, and sounds like fairly intelligent too ;)

...I'll be back

oh, did u see the flip off pic?

yeah, would make a good FU Friday pic... ;)

MG said...

who you think is going home tonight?

Philip said...

I'm not sure who'll be the one to go until after I see the three performances tonight. But here are my bottom three in not order:
Ryan - No Stage Presence. Too uncomfortable on stage.

Jenny - Great voice, but not strong enough to keep her on the show. She needs to learn how to be louder.

Toby - Song Choice maybe?

Actually I threw Toby in there because of the song choice. BUT I doubt he'll be in there now that I'm thinking about it. I don't know who the third person will be.

MG said...

ok, I'm watching tonight!

K said...

I agree with your comments about Jenny... actually many of your comments. If I were a greedy record exec... I'd sign Jenny and sell lots of cd's ;). I have thought all along this is not a contest and I believe that band has already decided on Toby. Time will tell.

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