Arkansas's New Gift

The great state of Arkansas has brought us many wonderful things throughout history:
-Prime duck hunting land
-Some of the best rice in the world
-Jim Dandy
-Bill Clinton ("I feel your pain...while I feel your wife's thigh")
-Charly ("I'm Asian, I'm hot, but I don't know Michelle Wie so stop asking!")
Arkansas has also brought us some terrible things throughout history:
-Hillary Clinton

But the great state of Arkansas has finally redeemed itself and will now go down in the history books as the inspiration to the single greatest invention ever to be brought before mankind. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

Camo Prom Wear!!!

I'll tell you what boy, she is hawt! I want her phone number. Yum Yum! I bet she's got a bikini that matches that. Hmm...if you wear a camoflauge thong does that mean it's see-thru?

And does anyone know where I can get some yellow boots like he has? I need some of those.


kat said...

I think they sell that set at Mack's. I can get you the Family & Friends discount.

charly said...

Dude, you know what's actually better than a camo thong? A NASCAR thong. :)

Philip said...

Kat - next time I head to Stuttgart, I will.

Charly - Do you have one you'll model for me?

charly said...

Ha! You and every other Memphian would like to see me in a NASCAR thong. Sorry, darlin'. For Joseph's eyes only.

Joey D. said...

Holy crap. Just when I thought I had seen everything.

MG said...

He kinda reminds me of something I saw today over at spacecadet's blog... you should go see it, I think you'd like it...

Kevin Y said...

I thought a camo thong was so you could never see her cumming

Philip said...

MG - GREAT VIDEO! I'll post that for my readers sometime.

Kevin - That's the best quote I've heard all month.

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