Theta at Vandy confirmation / Queen of Fiesta (San Antonio)

Ok, so I don't really like to repost things (previous post) BUT it has been confirmed by multiple sources that this is in fact the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority chapter at Vanderbilt.
How was it confirmed? Well there was one alumnus (or is it alumnae?) of this chapter from the 90s who said "it's not their finest hour."
I had another friend from college who emailed me today with this story. I have edited a few bits ONLY to save her identity and the identity of the girl she singles out.

...I was going through today and came to the one (email) he sent of your blog with the Theta pic from Vandy. You are never going to believe how random this is...ok

we have this thing in SA where one girl gets voted to be the queen of fiesta...
(edit) anyway its like this big deal with older people and parents is like a 110 yr tradition, supposed to be very high honor and all that BS, you represent the city for a year ...(edit)... anyways this years queen was (name deleted) and she went to Vandy and was a theta. Anywys, about 2 weeks ago someone went around to all the mebers of the society club that votes doors and posted this pic HUGE and worte on top "CAN YOU FIND YOUR QUEEN" she is dead center in middle....i thought it was all a myth until I saw your pic....isnt that random???? so damn funny....kinda mean someone did that ...(edit)...sorry for the rambling on, just could not believe it when i clicked on your link and saw this infamous pic i have heard so much about but never seen....

So, yall have a chance to finally see the San Antonio Queen of the Fiesta. Supposedly she's in the center area with blonde hair and not much cleavage.

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