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If you are looking for the F.U. Friday, it's the next post down.

So last night I went to a visitation for a few friends whose mother died this week. It was nice and I had a good time with everyone despite the reason we were there. She raised three wonderful children. Of course I was called back to the office halfway through it and had to race back.
I left after 7 and headed to the Deli for the blogger bash. I walk in and don’t see anyone I know. Then I realized that I didn’t know these people anyway. Fortunately Serrabee recognizes me and calls out to me. I met Paul Ryburn, Serrabee (obviously), Kat (I already knew), Pulp Faction Rachel, Rachelandthecity Rachel, John Sparks, and a bunch of other folks. Paul and/or Serrabee were taking names and blog addresses, but I don’t know if they made the complete list. I know it’s not on Paul’s blog yet.
I sat in the very middle of the table (Serrabee offered me the head of the table when I got there, but I told her it wasn’t my show). I was between Pulp Faction Rachel and Paul. I’m really glad I didn’t get the head of the table because those “Drinking Liberally” people showed up and crashed for a little while…and started talking politics. I think a few people warned me to not get into that conversation. I don’t know if they know my political beliefs or not, but they did know my warnings about becoming belligerent and offensive if I got involved in political talk. I think a few folks agreed with me and didn’t want it to get political either. I forget who, but someone said that at the last blogger bash there was a large contingency of political folks and only a few social bloggers. Apparently people just argued back and forth and no one ever listened to anything the other folks were saying. And you wonder why I don’t like talking politics?
I think the highlight of the night was the “hipster” dude that Rachel knew. I’m slowly beginning to understand what the hell a “hipster” is and beginning to appreciate the fact that I won’t ever be one. If I understand it correctly, a hipster is an individual who does things (i.e. dresses a certain way, listens to a certain type of music) for shock value. What’s my proof? This guy was proud of his haircut. I guess I’m the demographic he’s trying to shock. I mean do you actually get so much satisfaction from the shock value that you will leave the house looking like this? If I ever show up anywhere looking like this (except for a Halloween party), you all have my permission to kick the living shit out of me.

BTW that’s Rachelandthecity with him. Yes, he has a mullet. Yes, it is business in the front and party in the rear. And yes, he has lines shaved in the side. If he's going for shock value, he's definitely got it. If he's going for some strange ass, I doubt he'll get it. Anyway, I’ll be back Sunday. This time I’ll bring plenty of cash. They wouldn’t let us have separate tabs. And that was fun with people coming and going. It was really fun when I went to the ATM and it wouldn’t work. Now I owe Serrabee for what I ate and drank (the muffaleta at the Deli is not good by the way).
Have a good one and don’t get none on ya


Memphis Steve said...

He looks like Van Damme with a bad '80s haircut. Is that shock or just way out of style?

Didn't know about the bloggers in Memphis and getting together. I might've tried to come.

MG said...

Van Damme actually had one movie with that haircut...

let's see, what was that called????

oh yeah,


Philip said...

There is another one on Sunday.

Rachelandthecity said...

He is actually about to cut all of his hair off after letting it get a little too long between haircuts and his girlfriend cut it that way to be funny. He just wasn't scared to share the joke with anyone.

It's like when everyone in NYC started wearing trucker hats in the late 90's, it was so out of style it was in. I'm sure you've seen people with faux hawks - same idea.

Serrabee said...

Sometimes something done ironically is just not ironic anymore. Ask Brandon.
ps: Steve, ya need to read some local blogs once in a while, man.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for web logging about me. I'm cutting it all off after the weekend. Well, maybe not all of it. Bleached rat tails are making a comeback.

Paul Ryburn said...

I have a book called The Hipster Handbook that I'll let you borrow sometime. It tells you exactly what to do to be a hipster.

melanie said...

dammit man there is no email for you...go to melanaise.blogspot.com and follow the very specific instructions dear.

DevilBlueDress said...

A certain cowgirl from Texas is asking for my help. To spread the word. She has a new place. It can be found by following me. Looking carefully at my site. Or email me. Add a new link. Leave the old.

Philip said...

Anonymous - PLEASE DO NOT GO WITH RAT TAILS. Not only will I probably crap myself from laughing so hard, I may have a stroke. Looking back, I think it would have been funnier if you actually shaved a fraze in the side or maybe a Nike swoosh like the b-ballers did back in the 80s and early 90s.

Rachel - Thanks for explaining that to us. Now we all know what the hell was going on.

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