Friday night recap (as typed on Sunday)

Yeah, I didn't do this yesterday. Why? Because I really didn't feel like hooking up the laptop. I was boring Saturday. I didn't go out Saturday night. I was headed to the office during the day, but I couldn't get in. Long story and I'll spare you the details because Friday night was so crazy.

I went to Sabafest at Premiere Palace. Instead of trying to remember everything, I'm just going to make a few statements, list who was there, and post the pics.

40 Watt Moon was good, but I was waiting on Walrus so I mostly stayed outside during their set.
Walrus kicked ass. As always. I want more keyboards though. And I don't remember if I heard Church's "Under the Milkyway". I really wanted to hear that one.

Who was there:
Duchess LH
Shady Hasbeen
Andy & Duchess Jana
Ash Mc (who won't get a nickname because she was lobbying for one. Maybe I'll call her McAsh...)
Scottie Too Hottie (who doesn't like that name, mostly because people have come up to him in person and called him that now)
Mr & Mrs DP (who need to tone down their pregame)
FL & his wife
Lots o' lovelies
Sam, the master o' bucks (wow, that's hard to figure out)
And a ton of other folks who I can't remember all of a sudden. So now it's time to go through the pics.

Before I went home to get dressed, I stopped off at McAllister's to pick up some alcohol absorbing food. After I walked out, I noticed this sky to the west. For those of you who don't know, the west is where most of our weather fronts come from. I don't know about you, but this looks like trouble on the horizon. Maybe I should have stayed home...naaahSo I get to the party and while standing outside, four girls decided they needed to be photographed. And for once it wasn't my idea. Good luck deciphering who these belong to.Premiere Palace is located just down the street from Sun Studios. And around the corner from Platinum Dolls or Downtown Dolls or whatever they're calling it. Basically someone turned the old Club 616 in Memphis into a shake joint. It's hard to tell in the pic, but the big neon thing on the right is a woman dancing. From where we stood, it looked like they have three entrances to it. One on the right of the building had a sign that said "Live off Beale." I can't remember what the other two said because they weren't that interesting either. And for some strange reason none of us ventured over there...thank God.There were many strange things that happened during the night. At one point, one lady's toe decided it had enough of her drinking and tried to escape. It kept making a break through, but she'd always catch it. But if I had to walk around in shoes like that, I'd try to escape too.Apparently Janet Jackson decided to possess a few folks. I told you that strange things were happening.Here I am with Duchess LH. The bartenders gave us some jager shots because they insisted we try them. They had the jager machine that chills it. The white stuff on the outside of my cup is condensation that turned to ice. I shit you not. You may also notice that I have three times as much as she does. She kept saying "someone has to do some of this; I can't do it all." No one was willing to help her out, so when I wasn't looking she poured half of hers into mine. Thanks. Like I really needed it.I gave the Ode to Gunpowder toast and we took the shot. I shot two mouthfulls and this was how much was left. While we were both cringing, HM took this pic. Yeah, thanks. I had to keep shooting while she talked about how bad it tasted. After a while, McAsh showed up. Here I got a pic with her and the Shady Hasbeen. Always nice to fill your hands and keep them busy.Here's Andy with Bill's girlfriend. Bill was the guy of whom's honor the party was thrown (does that sound right to you?).Here's Patty from Walrus. He'd been doing some crazy shit on the guitar, but I couldn't get my camera turned on in time to catch it. Dammit.Here's a shot of the rest of the band.HM found some lovely lady to dance with and she wanted me to take a pic.OH YEAH! Mr and Mrs. DP finally got tired of me calling them an old married couple, so they decided to grace us with their presence. The problem was they had been pre-partying for a few hours. They pull up and I meet them in the street. Here was the first quote from DP: "Hey hold my beer while I park this thing." I immediately thought 'what are a redneck's last words?' Fortunately they parked ok. In the time it took him to park, I drank most of his beer (in case you haven't learned anything, never hand me an opened beer, you fools!). Mrs. P walked up to hug me and then grabbed the beer. I had left maybe an inch or two in it. She got pissed and threw it all over me. WTF!?! Why would she do that? I started yelling at her and threw the bottle into the street where we were standing. All of a sudden the crowd outside the party looked over and went dead silent. I kept yelling at her and then DP came over. She apologized and I suggested we all go get a drink. And everything was fine. As we walked back over some fag with a pony tail said "Hey, let's not break anymore bottles. Ok?" I shot him a look that basically translated "shut your pie hole, you weak bitch." He quickly turned back to whomever he was talking to. We went inside. This is the first pic with DP. Funny thing is he was worse off than I was.Here I am with AP, can you see the wet sleeve I had. I told you she soaked me with the beer. And I told you DP was drunk. He only does that after he's had a few "col' berrs."Here's a pic of SR and AP.The Shady Hasbeen came running up at one point on the dancefloor and wanted to do another one of her favorite pics. It actually took us three times to get it right. Whoever was working the camera kept cutting out parts of us. Hmm...must have been a drunk.Mr and Mrs P wanted a nice pic of them together. Instead they got this.So they tried again and we got this.Scottie Too Hottie decided to introduce me to some girl he was talking to by saying "This is Philip. He's famous." Not picking up the sarcasm, she actually asked why I was famous. Hello new comedy routine! I told her I was an underground sensation in the Memphis area. She asked why. I think I told her that I had done something badass, but I wasn't supposed to talk about it. I told her the best way to find out was to google me. I told her my real name was 'Chuck Schwartz.' I know that was some movie character but I couldn't remember who. I told her that I was also an amateur party photographer and I was supposed to get pics of Scottie Too Hottie with interesting people. I told her to stand next to him and smile big. This was what happened.Nice face, Scottie. I then said I needed one where she kissed him on the cheek. She wouldn't go for it so I said how about he kiss your cheek. She said ok and this was the result. She pointed to her face and he started in before she realized what he was trying to do. There was this hottie named Natalie from Little Rock who I met. We started comparing movie quotes. The only problem was my brain had stopped functioning properly earlier in the evening. So I couldn't answer any movie quotes that didn't come from comedies. While we were doing this, some dude with glasses went walking by. I asked him if I could get a pic of her in his glasses. He actually went for it. So I got this shot.Here's a pic of AP, SR, and Jana. I raised the camera to get an aerial shot. Can you tell who didn't follow the camera?Not only did McAsh bust my balls for a cool nickname for the blog, she wanted a damn pic with me. I shit you not that we took 8 pictures to get a good one. It got to be ridiculous. I'd take a good one (or I thought it was good at the time) and she'd want another. Over and over and over. I think this was the best.

After Walrus ended, I caught a ride with McAsh and SR. HM and I had rode down there together in John's cab, but he left to head to another bar with Mary, Shady Hasbeen, and Duchess LH. They left during Walrus's last set, but I wasn't ready to leave yet so I kept dancing. Or at least my best attempt at dancing. So when I left with McAsh and SR, we went to McAsh's house to drop her off. On the way we drove by Ernestine & Hazel's and Raifords. AND THEY WERE BOTH CLOSED!!! I couldn't believe it. I heard that Raifords was getting some remodelling or had been shut down by the health department or both. So that killed our late night plans. After we dropped of McAsh, SR dropped me off at my house. I went in and passed out in the bed. It was a fun night.


MG said...

Ok, the FIRST and LAST time I did Jagerbombs, I remember LIKING them... so, is there something very wrong with me? or could it have been the many hours of saturating my taste buds with alcohol BEFORE the Jagerbombs? or am I just REALLY good at making them? hmmm....
the world may never know.

Philip said...

We didn't have jagerbombs. Just straight jager. And I didn't have much of a chaser.

MG said...

ahhh...that explains it. :)

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