FU Friday - Finally F'ing Up

Well Blogger has been f'ing up on this FU Friday, so if I can't post with my pic, then FU Blogger.

Now it's working. Today's real FU goes to highway construction traffic. You know the stuff that never ends. I appreciate the work they are doing, but damn if it doesn't take forever. And as soon as one project is done another opens. And it creates the worst traffic. I was in a rush yesterday and the construction traffic really didn't help so here's to highway construction traffic.

Happy F.U. Friday


TequilaGirl said...

I know how you feel! The construction has been going on here forever. That's the main reason as to why I left my old job and got one really close to home!

FU traffic!!!

MG said...

ok, you did that JUST to turn me on, right?

Road construction sucks....
EXACTLY... finish one start another equally annoying pain in the ass.
BEST is when they just pave a road then a couple weeks later discover something "under there" needs to be "worked on" so the tear the shit up... then you got, NEW screwed up pavement, yeah, I love when they do that.

Have a great weekend, but I know you will...

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