It's Almost Time, Ole Miss Football!!!

Oh, I'm dying. I can't wait much longer...but I guess I have to. Just a few more days before I'm back in God's country. That's right, Ole Miss Football. I'm going to steal this from my buddy Brandon the WB. He posted it on MySpace the other day:

Five days folks! Five days until college football starts in Oxford. I can freakin' taste the excitement. Maybe that's the bourbon, we'll actually the taste of college football is bourbon at least if you went to college in the South. Do schools up North even know what bourbon is? I mean hell, don't y'all mix Jim with Pepsi? That is a fuckin' crime in my opinion! Yeah I'll take a Jack and Pepsi please! Are you fuckin' kidding me! It's called a bourbon and coke for a reason damnit! Then again that's why y'alls pastime is college basketball, and y'all can't even dominate that sport, the South wins that too! Anyways, enough about that shit. Football time is here! Girls get out the dresses, high heels and the Louis, the big one too, you know the one that can hold like three fifths! Yeah that one. Guys bust out the blazer with multiple inside pockets for multiple flasks, or airplane bottles, how ever you want to roll. Make sure to take it to the dry cleaners because it probably smells like Jim from last season that you spilt all over yourself because you were thrashing your stadium cup around while yelling at the team for the piss poor performance that was last season. At least let it have the chance to stink of fresh bourbon poured on you from the charge of empty airplane bottles and stadium cups flying towards the end zone after another glorious touchdown scored by our beloved Rebels! So with that said, lets raise'em up to a great season for everyone who loves college ball. May your team win every game, your date be the most gorgeous girl on campus and the flask never go empty, or at least till the end of the game when you can go back to the tent and refill! To my Rebels, Hotty Toddy, and the rest of you, call me when you actually get dressed up for a football game! Until then you are still a bunch of rookies!...Old Times They Are Not Forgotten!

Nicely done, sir! You know what else I love about going to games? The fun at the tent. I used to bring my friends around when I was in school. The brother did the same thing. And now the sister brings all of her friends around. She mostly brings freshmen and sophomore girls. And I love that. We also have different themes for each game. It started initially with Oktoberfest where we had a bunch of German Oktoberfest beer. Then last year, I came up with a "coonass theme" which was turned into the more politically correct "Wild Game and Cajun" theme. We also have "Mexifest" where we have TexMex type food and margaritas.
This year we have a few more things to add to each one AND one or two more themes. Check out these pics to understand. After all a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is myself, the sister, TP, and the brother. This is TP and the sister at a later game.This is the spread at the Wild Game and Cajun themed dinner. Hungry?Here I am with DP and Hanky Panky. I was just a few weeks into growing the winter beard. I think we were about midway through November so that's about a two week growth. I believe this was the Wild Game dinner.Here I am with two of my future ex-wives, Allison and Sunny. They were being typical 19 year old girls and I decreed that they were going to be my first two ex-wives, but they had to figure out who would be the first and who would be the second ex-wife. It was a joke, but to this day they still fight over it.

Can you guess what we have planned for the game this Sunday against Tiger High? I'm not going to spoil the surprise. I'll tell you Sunday/Monday in the recap.

Oh yeah, if you're wondering what else is going on this weekend, Lord T & Eloise have their first gig Saturday night at the High Tone. Be there to experience Aristocrunk at its friggin finest.

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