Rockstar Supernova Fan Selection Recap 8/29/06

First thought of the show: "Is that Tommy Lee in a pink cowboy hat?"

And that's all I'm going to say about that. We started the show off with a look back at the week since the Elimination Show. Most of it was in the webisode though. My roommate did make the comment that he is convinced that Dilana is a dude after hearing her cry. Then he said "Postscript: she needs more cigarettes." I thought that was funny enough to include and then he dropped this bomb: "Hey, she may be the Marlboro Man!" Yeah, he said that.

Onto the performances! The first was Lukas with Nirvana's "Lithium." He rearranged with with piano at the beginning and heavy piano throughout. He sounded decent at the beginning vocally, then he started gargling the words again and again. Please, I am begging you. DO NOT VOTE FOR LUKAS! I hate that. The roommate agrees: "he can't sing." He kept saying that throughout the whole performance. But the judges liked it. And the idiots in the country probably will too.

Next up was the Icelandic badass Magni. The editors showed a little bit of an interview with him. He said "I know that if I'm in the bottom three for a third time, I'm going home. So I'm campaigning." Then he told Australia, Canada, and America why they should vote for him instead of their own citizens: Toby, Lukas, and Ryan respectively. It was really funny. He sang Live's "I Alone." It was pretty good until he went into the crowd and it became phenomenal. And you know what, the vein in his head did pop out! It was a great job. Some of the best vocals I've heard on the show. And that says a lot considering that English is a second language for him. Dave Navarro said "That boy can sing!" No shit, Sherlock. Gilby said that he "gave that extra something tonight." Yes, you did Magni. And you kicked its ass!

Ryan Star came on stage next to do Coldplay's "Clocks." He had a very slow and mellow entry on the piano. As I wrote those very words in my notes, he jumped on top of the GRAND PIANO. Holy crap! He was full of energy, but his singing wasn't that great when he was running around. But he did slide across the top of the piano for the bridge "Dukes of Hazzard style" according to the roommate. It was pretty good, but I feel, like Jason Newstead, that he loses some of his draw and some of his focus when he gets out from behind the piano. Jason said "it's like you've lost the plot." Great metaphor.

One of my favorites, Storm Large, came out next to sing Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life." She asked Toby to back her up on vocals for the male part. He kicked ass. So did she. The roommate and I both loved her performance. The vocals are much higher than her usual range which made it even more impressive. I do feel that Toby took a little of her spotlight though. I told the roommate "she's got some fucking pipes, dude." I really like her voice and the intensity she puts in her performances, but I don't think she'll make it to the end. Gilby Clarke said that he remembers Jill's performance from a few weeks earlier on the same song, but "I won't remember this." Gilby is retarded. Jill wasn't that good. I already forgot it.

Toby Rand, our Aussie favorite and new catch phrase generator ("EVS!"), sang Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" immediately after helping Storm. Nice job, mate! We really liked it. Then he suddenly pulled these girls onto the stage with him. They were going nuts and dancing (we later saw they had "EVS" written on their hands). I noticed his shirt said "Memphis, TN" and after a closer look saw that it said "Richland" on top and "Memphis, TN" on the bottom of the crest. Does anyone know where or what that is? Oh yeah, we thought it was a great performance. I think he's safe this week.

Dilana Smith came to finish the show. Has anyone else noticed how they don't say her whole name anymore? She sang Tracy Bonham's "Mother Mother." She did well and brought intensity to it. The ending was badass. The roommate put it best: "I didn't think it was that good until she headbutted the microphone." Yeah, she did that. It was pretty cool.

So it's time to reveal the bottom three. This time I'm doing it differently though. The roommate and I both came up with lists of who we want to be in the final bottom three and who we think will be the bottom three. Turns out we had the same answers on the "think" one.
First, who he wants in the bottom three:
Who I want in the bottom three:
Who we think will be in the bottom three:

Now here is the initial Bottom Three after the first few minutes of world wide voting (I sound like Brook Burke!):

Have a good one. I'll be back tomorrow with the recap of the Elimination Show.


Anonymous said...

That shirt is a chess club t-shirt from Richland Elementary here in Memphis. I have no idea where he got it.

MG said...

every week I like Magni more and more.
I was just "eh" with Storm's performance last night.
same for ummm...
yeah, everyone else.

I hate when Tommy Lee occasionally tries to talk and sound intelligent, he's better as just the 40+ kid who wants to grope all the women, yeah, go back to that, too late to impersonate someone of actual intelligence.

Is it sounded like I didin't enjoy myself?
oh, sorry, don't worry, I did so enjoy myself, just not by watching this episode. I have pictures to prove that :)

Billy said...

I wanna see MG's pics! What was she doing?

I love Magni, no, not that way, but he's my pick for this thing. I noticed the veins popping out on his head too, looked like he was putting some serious effort into that song.

Storm was good but didn't really impress, Dilana was better on that song that the previous version. Toby bores me - although he did add something bringing the girls on stage, Lukas can just go home anytime, and Ryan, well I think this thing is really between he and Magni.

Ryan was alright last night, some of his piano sliding looked a little too funny though - think he overdid it.

Thoroughly enjoy your recaps man.

Philip said...

Thanks anonymous

MG - You have my email. I want to see those pics.

Billy - I'm sure it involved a hammock. Most people I read don't like Ryan. Sometimes he is ON, but sometimes he's not.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I want one of those t-shirts! Does anyone know where I can get it from?

Anonymous said...

Re: Richland T-shirt that Toby Rand wore on Rockstar Supernova - does ANYBODY know where I can get one? any ideas or suggestions would be REALLY appreciated..


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