Next Door To What?

I actually forgot to tell yall yesterday…when I couldn’t sleep Sunday night I was flipping channels and landed on the beginning of the second season of one the best shows E has ever done (but that’s not really saying much is it):
The Girls Next Door
Great show. Brilliant writing. I love how they can make Kendra look like the stereotypical dumb blonde. What’s that? They aren’t acting?!? Are you sure? There’s no way she can be that dumb. She is? Oh well.
The season opened with preparations for Hef’s 80th Birthday party. For those of you who are stupid and are still waiting on the sexual revolution to arrive, wake up! It’s already happened! And Hef (Hugh Hefner) was one of the most important people for it (in my opinion). The show ended with the actual parties. They throw two parties. The first night is Casablanca night where all of Hef's friends come over. They show Casablanca and then have and evening of champagne, birthday cake, and caviar. The next night is the big bash for all the celebs who want to come. Of course they had to show Paris Hilton singing "Happy Birthday" to Hef. Seriously, why ruin a perfectly good show with that no talent ass clown? I don't need to see that! I wanted to see Bridget get out of the birthday cake for Hef. That was HOT! If you missed it, you need to catch a replay of it. Wow!
I have to say that my favorite girlfriend is Bridget. She just seems like a genuinely sweet person WITH brains (she already has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree while working towards another master's). Holly seems like a ditzy golddigger, and Kendra seems like a…well I covered her earlier. Of course that could just be the editing, but I doubt it.
Anyway, the new episodes premiere Sunday nights at 8, but that’s when Deadwood comes on, so I’ll catch the reruns.

Songs on the Playlist:
Jimmy Buffett – Banana Wind
Lionel Ritchie – All Night Long
The White Strips – The Hardest Button To Button
The Grateful Dead – I Know You Rider


kat said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw Bridget is like, 34. I'm surprised Hef still keeps her around, what with his Under-24 Rule.

Philip said...

She's 31 actually.

kat said...

She turns 34 in September.

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