Damn It's Hot

So I'm stuck on the phone on hold and I thought I'd tell you about my trip to get lunch. Many people have asked me if I take my digital camera everywhere. The answers no. Sometimes I do, but when I don't, I tend to see things worth taking pics of. For example I was driving down the street to the Subway when I passed a local neighborhood store in the ghetto. I was stopped at the light next to this store when I saw a girl get out of one man's car and climb into another man's car. Now she wasn't wearing anything red, but I'm certain she could have. Now I'm not saying she's a hooker, but only because I couldn't tell if one of the cars had a pimp in it.
Now I wish I had a pic of that to show you. But I didn't take the camera with me. Damn!

Other than that I've just been sitting in the A/C at my desk. Why? Because it's hot outside. I actually saw a car melt. Well maybe the heat is just effecting my vision. What's that you say? It's hot everywhere? Well, no shit Sherlock. So how do you beat the heat? Spend that hard earned money on electricity for your A/C. Drink cold water. Or be smart and go to a friend's house, use their A/C and drink their water. That'll help.

Now get back to work, ya bums.

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