Rockstar Supernova Elimination Recap 8/23/06

Tonight's Rockstar:Tommy Lee's Unit episode was the elimination one. They started the show with a few filler pieces with a lot of drama. It seems (although this could just be the producers at work with fancy editing) that Dilana is a bit of a bitch. She is at odds with Ryan and she said negative things to the press about Lukas. Hello Drama! Ryan and Lukas both handled it very well and Dilana was left trying to save face. She used the only possible excuse for the press thing by saying that she's only human and made a mistake and blah blah blah. Anyone else think that you don't have to be genuine when you say that because it makes you look like you have such a strong personality? I think that's the only card she could play. (btw I think more of Ryan and less of Dilana now. Ryan was right though, you need to show respect to those above and below you. Hey Britney Spears! Take a hint you slut!)

Anywho, we finished dealing with the crappy drama, and it was time for another Supernova song. This time it didn't sound like an old T Rex song. Toby Rand sang "Be Yourself And Five Other Cliches." It was a good song. Much better than last week.

Continuity error: the press junket thing where Dilana basically called out Lukas to the press was after Toby sang. Dave was speechless and THAT'S when she gave the "I'm only human and I made a mistake" excuse.

So after more damn drama, we were onto the Bottom Three. Last night we saw Toby Rand, Patrice Pike, and Storm Large in the bottom three. Throughout the night of voting, there was one additional rocker in jeopardy: Alex Trabeck. Kidding. It was Magni, our favorite vein-popping Icelandic rocker. So now Brook Burke would show us the final Bottom Three one by one.

First up was Magni who grabbed his guitar to cover Jimi Hendrix's "Fire." He killed it. During the solo, he walked over to the lead guitarist and they played the solo in harmony. BADASS! I knew he was safe after that.

The second rocker in the bottom three was, you guessed it, Patrice Pike. She sang The Pretenders' "Middle Of The Road." She kicked ass. I think that was one of her best performances. She also cut her lip somehow while performing. She gave it her all...but was it worth it? (Hello cliffhanger!)

The third rocker was Toby Rand. WTF! He just sang with Supernova. People are stupid and voting poorly (Storm obviously thought the same thing as she was visibly shocked that he was the last one). He came out and did a rearranged version of Stone Temple Pilot's "Plush." Great version. He had Magni sing a line with him. He had some guys in the audience sing with him. Just overall badass. He has to be safe.

At decision time, they told Toby that if he was good enough to sing with them, he was definitely safe. Then Tommy "The Tripod" Lee let the axe fall and hit Patrice. I didn't like her at first and she kinda grew on me during some performances, but she definitely is in a different category than Supernova. She's more upbeat than their music will probably be (and has been).

What did you think?


GreenEyedDiva said...

I am so damn happy that you posted this....... I am totally addicted to Rockstar and my DVR did not record it for some dumb reason! I have been searching the net for the last hour looking for somewhere to find the results. THANK YOU!!!

Philip said...

You're welcome.

MG said...

philip, you're the man ;)

ok, so, I"m actually glad there was a little drama last night as the "who's going home" deal, was so super easy...

Magni...yeah, kicked ass....

Toby, great as well... although I do see him as one of the weaker players left, he's got great stage presence, but I think his vocals are just a little weak.

Dilana really screwed things up for herself...

excellent recap, as always

Evilicious Blonde said...

I agree with you Phillip -- I found myself liking Ryan a lot more and liking Dilana a lot less. I am curious to see how the voting goes next week.

Last season JD was kind of a prick and he ultimately won, so who knows.

Greeneyed Diva, most of the show is probably on youtube.com by now....

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