Rockstar Supernova Recap 8/22/06

So we are down to the final 7 with 3 weeks left. And things are looking good. They showed the song selection which included the chance for two original songs. It started out that everyone wanted the original song. Magni (I think) was chivalrous and told everyone to give Patrice one of the original songs because she had been in the bottom three so much (can they take a hint and realize there may be a reason for that?). The other original song came down to Storm vs. Ryan. Storm eventually backed down and let Ryan have it so she could perform a difficult song that none of the other rockers wanted: Aerosmith’s “Cryin’.” The final fight over a song was Dilana v. Toby for The Police’s “Every Breath You Take.” This was the best fight. Toby said “run around the pool naked. I did it for you last week.” Not one to back down from a challenge, Dilana did it. She looks like she has a pretty good figure, btw. Afterwards Dilana looked at the smile on Toby’s face and said “that’s the best smile you’ve had all day.” Toby responded with the best line of the night: “it is, because I didn’t want that song.” How badass was that move?
After the flashback was over, we went through our usual introductions except Gilby brought Chopper…the Supernova mascot…a dog. Now, I’m a dog lover, but that’s not too cool for a rock band to have a dog mascot while auditioning on tv. Kinda stupid.

Patrice Pike kicked off the performances with her original song: “Beautiful Thing.” I thought it was pretty damn good, but like Dave, I felt it was too upbeat for Supernova. Dave said she would be better as a solo artist than fronting Supernova.

Magni popped up next to sing Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Does anyone else feel like they are using way too much Nirvana? I love Nirvana, but I don’t want to see them butcher it over and over. Anywho, I thought he did a good job. Did anyone else think that he jumped into the lyrics too soon? Something just didn’t feel right about it. I also don’t like that song with two guitarists AND keyboards. Seriously do not play keyboards with that song! Most of my complaints for this show were not because of Magni, but because of the way the house band sounded on it. Magni brought the right amount of angst for the song. He understands it. It was good, but not exceptional.

Ryan Star sang his original song “Back of Your Car.” I felt this was more suited for Supernova than Patrice’s song because, as Ryan said, this is about screwing in the back of a car when facing the end of the world. At the end Ryan threw his guitar across the stage right after the judges had recommended Magni do that next week. That was pretty damn funny. It was an intense performance that I really liked. It was pretty funny when Dave said “what happened to you, dude?” Ryan came back with “I got laid, Dave.” Awesome. Great come back.

After the next commercial break (where’s my Heidi Klum commercial?), Storm Large came to sing Aerosmith’s “Cryin’.” I thought she did a damn good job, but I am pretty pro-Storm. So I sat back and watched/listened objectively. It was a great performance. She had good stage presence and her vocals were right on. And she didn’t slip up on the huge range that the song has. Great job. There was some sexual banter back and forth between Dave and Storm. And a bunch of other stuff. At that point I was ready to go to sleep so I really didn’t pay anymore attention to that crap.

Dilana followed Storm with The Police’s “Every Breath You Take.” What was up with those butterfly eyelashes? They were mesmorizing. I kept waiting for more close-ups so I could see them, but they were so huge that you didn’t need to zoom in. That was badass. Anywho, she was great as always. It kinda makes me wonder, can anyone pass her? I also thought I heard something funky in the song: when she got to the “de da da” part, was she actually singing “Di-La-Na?” On top of this badass performance she kicked more ass when she said there was a personal reason for choosing this song: she hasn’t spoken to her mother in years, and this is her mother’s favorite song. She hopes word gets back to her mom that she sang it. You know what, I think that was worth getting nude and running by a pool. Then either Tommy or Dave ruined that by bringing up the whole sexual stuff again. Don’t get me wrong, I love flirting. It is great. BUT this is an audition to lead their band. How can we expect Supernova to take a woman seriously when you have Tommy “The Tripod” Lee acting like a teenager in heat every time a woman acts strong and sexual in a performance. Is he going to jump out from behind the drums one night and go to town? As much of a great drumming addition to this band as he is, I wonder if he’ll be more of a distraction.

Toby Rand came out next to do his own arrangement of Derek and The Dominos’ “Layla.” Don’t try and tell me that it’s Eric Clapton’s “Layla.” Yes, he wrote it, but he originally did it in the original supergroup Derek and the Dominos with Duane Allman. It was slow in the beginning and he didn’t really have the crowd. I initially thought this would put him in the bottom three, but he all of a sudden kicked it up a notch. He threw of his hooded sweatshirt (shot at Ryan maybe?) and is topless with “EVS” written on his chest. He runs into the crowd and over to the rockers area. He is intense and tries to get the audience to sing with him. They kinda go for it, but there are no mikes for the audience sound during the songs so we can’t hear them. Dave renames Toby “the thunder from down under.” They asked him what was the significance of the “EVS,” and he said in Australia it means “whatever.”

The last rocker to perform was the Lemur King, Lukas Rossi. He sang The Killers’ “All These Things That I’ve Done.” I’ve never heard that song and his performance wasn’t enough to make me want to get it. He had his bad gargling/marbles-in-mouth voice during the verses, but actually sang during the first chorus or two. Then he went back to the crappy vocals. The one funny thing he did was fixing his hair in the mirror on one of the guitars. Dave or Gilby chastised him for turning his back to the audience too much during his performances (I agree).

The initial bottom three were Patrice, Storm, and Toby. I don’t get that, but we all know that it’ll probably change.
My guess for the final bottom three are Lukas, Patrice, and Magni. I really don’t think Magni should be there, but I can’t find anyone else to drop down there.

What did you think?


MG said...

Patrice... absolutely, in fact, I call her to go home tonight.

Magni, probably, although I'm beginning to like him more and more.

hmmm... it's getting hard to pick 3 isn't it?
I'll go along with you, just because I don't know.

I'm in agreement with most of what you said, except, I liked Lukas's performance (save the turning around) I thought the beginning showed he could actually sing, ... I dug the shades too. Oh and checking his hair...wayy cool.

Storm's got a presence, but it's starting to bore me (same ole, same ole) I think she's needs to change something up a little.

good thing my drink consumption started EARLY, as the show came on LATE :)

how was the sushi?

Philip said...

Sushi rocked. I had way too much. I'll post that story later.

Spitfire said...

Philip I think that I love the Police. I love Sting. (He is even a badass in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells)

And...you might be the only person I have heard get that right about layla

and....The Killers is on my site right now.

So, what do you think? It has a cool video to go with it. (Not theirs)

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