Rockstar:Supernova Recap 8/1/06

Ok, I just finished watching Rockstar:Tommy Lee's Unit. Here's the recap you're all waiting for.
They started off showing stuff from between last week and this week. It was drama blah blah blah. The best part was when I showed Magni getting a video from his wife in Iceland of his child's first steps. That was actually great TV. Then they kicked off to the performances.

Patrice Pike started us off with the Red Hot Chili Peppers version of Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground. She was fortunate enough to have Tommy Lee on drums. She killed it. She was energetic...but I wondered the same thing the judges did: was she 'on' because Tommy was behind her? Hmm...

Josh Logan came out to do Sublime's Santeria. He mixed it up. Before one of the verses, he threw himself in as a human beatbox. That's cool once, but if he does that anymore, he'll be known as the douchebag beatbox. As far as stage presence, he kinda stayed in the same general area the whole time and I didn't like that. It was good but not great.

Dilana did Can't Get Enough. It's an old 70s/80s tune. She killed it. She ran out into the audience in front of the rockers. Then she ran through the crowd and jumped on the judges platform. She rocked out in front of them and THEN jumped on some dude's shoulders for a ride back to the stage. BADASS! I know she's safe until the final 3 for sure if she keeps this up. The song wasn't that great, BUT her stage presence will save her after that one.

Toby Rand, your Aussie rocker, covered Nirvana's Pennyroyal Tea. Too bland. If you're going to do the slower version, do it acoustic. Otherwise rock it! I think he has a shot after this performance to be in the bottom three this week. One thing he did that was very good was how he walked into the audience and sang/danced to one girl. That was cool, even though he came out right after Dilana.

Zayra Alvarez did Tommy Two-Tone's 867-5309/Jenny. A classic 80s pop song. She changed it up. Considerably. I have no idea what style she was going for. I'm sorry, although she looks incredible every time she is on stage, she keeps losing me in her performance. I actually lost my attention while she was up there. I'm sure she'll be in the bottom three this week.
Now we did get a little closure after her performance. The judges couldn't come up with anything, I mean ANYTHING, to say after her performance. So they sent us to commercial and then came back. They said that one of the reasons she survived last week and Phil didn't was because she keeps changing it up each week. Gilby said all that after commenting that her vocals were off. Tommy The Tripod Lee commented that he has a kiddie pool full of mud backstage and he wants her to wrestle. Always the gentleman, he never deals with sexual innuendo.

Magni sang Coldplay's Clocks. A great song. He turned up the rock on the keys. I felt the vocals were too high for his range. He did have a good stage presence. After the show, Tommy told him that Supernova was going to fly in his family because of his dedication to this show. That's really cool. I'm sure that'll give him the sympathy vote...not that he needs it. I think he did a great job regardless.

Jill Gioia, the Italian New Yorker who can't shut up or take constructive criticism (is that a stereotype?) sang the Simple Minds' Don't You Forget About Me. My initial thoughts are she looks hot, BUT she was screaming too damn much. And she really had a bad stage presence. She couldn't keep my attention. I think it was Gilby who said that there is always one song where an audience will go get another drink or go to the bathroom. That was that song.
I think she'll be in the bottom three.

Ryan Star came out next to do R.E.M.'s Losing My Religion. He sang it while playing a grand piano. It was beautiful. It showed depth to him that we haven't seen all week. It was really captivating. Here's what the guys said:
Dave: "phenomenal"
Jason: "best performance yet"
Tommy: "your voice is perfect for a song like that I wrote for Supernova. And by the way, that performance is so gonna get you laid!" Always the gentleman Tommy, always.

Lukas Rossi was next. He did Hole's Celebrity Skin. It was a decent performance. He 'marbled' a few words in my opinion. He never actually sang the song as much as he just gargled it. He needs to sing sometime. The roommate said he was "kinda sucking tonight." And he had his back to the audience too much (which Supernova called him on). I looked back at the end of the song and the band was together jamming and he was on an island by himself. He had no idea what they were doing. Dave said it was his least favorite performance.

Storm came out to do David Bowie's Changes. She rearranged it to show her softer side, her vulnerable side. She turned it into more of a ballad. It showed the great voice that she has. I'm sure she's going to make it to the top three.
Dave said it was his favorite performance of hers.
Gilby said she made a risky choice and did a great job with it.
Jason said it was a classy performance.

Dana Andrews did The Who's Baba O'Reilly (aka Teenage Wasteland). She brought great stage presence. I thought it wasn't the best version of that song because they had to cut so much to fit the TV time requirements. But I think she's really getting better as the weeks progress. Dave said she did a great job. She's really learning and adapting to what she's learned. They said that song was about rebellion and asked if she was going to really rebel. She said she's getting a tattoo tomorrow.

That was the last performance. After that Brook showed who the bottom three were after the initial voting:

Here's who I think will be in the bottom three:
Lukas or Josh

I don't think Toby will get voted into the bottom three.
Ok, I'm going to bed. Have a good one.


K said...

I missed the show last night and that was was a great recap. Thank you sir, I'll take your word on everything. :)


MG said...

I say go ahead an axe Zayra and Jill both, I mean, c'mon they are OBVIOUSLY not going to make it to the finals, they're in the bottom 3 wayy too much, let's just get it over with and move on, I'm tired of both of 'em

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