Blogger Bash & Saba Fest

Ok, so there are two functions coming up in the next two weeks. The first is Saba Fest in honor of Bill Saba. Bill passed away a month or so ago. His friends decided to honor him by throwing a party and sending all proceeds to St. Jude in the form of a donation. It is a $10 cover with a cash bar BUT you get to see three bands and eat all the free appetizers you want. When we say appetizers, we're not talking about a veggie tray. The guys throwing it are bringing their setup from their Memphis in May barbecue teams. That means good food. So come by and hang out for a little while or stay all night. I know I'm taking a cab myself.
The next is the Memphis blogger bash. It's actually spread out over two nights (Thursday and Sunday). It's open to any bloggers from the Memphis area. It'll be at the Deli Thursday Aug 10 and Sunday Aug 13. This is a good chance to meet fellow bloggers and finally put faces with the names of other smartasses in the area. Although I promise to become very obnoxious and cynical if it turns into an all political discussion.

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