Rockstar:Supernova Recap 8/15/06

So last night I went to the Casinos in Tunica (more on that tomorrow in the HNT post). I didn’t get home until just before midnight. Did I go to bed like I should? Hell no, I stayed up and watched the damn Rockstar:Supernova show. It was the stripped down, acoustic show with a friggin string quartet. Pretty cool…until the tatted up fools, Dave Navarro and Tommy “The Tripod” Lee started taking their shirts off. I thought it was funny for a second, but I really didn’t want to see two old guys covered in tattoos hanging out, sagging all over the place (isn’t Tommy in his 40’s?).
So they jumped to the recap and in the meantime made the guys get dressed. They went to Vegas and partied like…well…rockstars. I took notes, but I don’t remember much about it. I know at some point Storm said “we were sssssstoked!” I don’t know about what, but I remember her saying it and laughing at how long she stayed with that damn ‘S’ at the beginning. They should the song selection. As usual no one fought…except for our Aussie stud, Toby Rand. There was a song with Gilby Clarke on guitar: Peter Gabriel’s "Solsbury Hill." Dilana wanted it and Toby said “I want that song” mate. Yeah I added the ‘mate’ there, sorry. How did they solve it? Dilana told Toby to run around naked to get it. He stripped, ran, and jumped in the pool. So he got it. And Supernova applauded him for it.

They also had a chance for someone to perform their original song. And guess who jumped at it: Captain Pluto herself, Zayra Alvarez. And they let her go first. As is now customary on the show, she wore a crazy outfit. It appeared to be a giant red down comforter that she turned into a skirt with a black bra. Her original song was called “Lluvia de Mar” and was in Spanish. The scary thing it this is the first song where I’ve been able to understand her lyrics. I didn’t understand the words, but I enjoyed it. I wrote in my notes that ‘as beautiful as it sounds and feels, I can’t get too into it because it’s in Spanish.’ Which is true. It’s hard to get into a song that I don’t know what the singer is saying. (Btw they showed a Cuban flag hanging in the audience from the balcony)

Magni popped up next to sing David Bowie’s “Starman.” I honestly couldn’t remember ever hearing this song before. But I liked it. It was a great performance and I think he should be safe this week. Yeah I know that’s not much, but it was good and I don’t need to analyze it too much.

Patrice Pike sang The Police’s “Message In A Bottle.” It was good. Actually kinda mediocre. She really didn’t do anything that set herself apart from anyone else (I feel they keep setting themselves apart from her). I did like how her voice sounded with the acoustic arrangement. For once I actually enjoyed her voice. But I’m afraid she’ll be back in the bottom three. I did notice that Supernova wasn’t too entertained during her performance.

Lukas Rossi was next. You know him, the Lemur King from Madagascar. He did the Spiderman song: “Hero” by Chad Kroeger. Did anyone else think he kinda looked like a priest in that outfit minus the sleeves? I was actually more interested in figuring out if he was wearing a priest’s shirt that he cut the sleeves off than I was about the song. That’s not good. It doesn’t help his cause. But he’ll be safe because he’s a fan favorite.

Storm Large was up next. For those of you who’d like to see her nude pics, they are linked on this previous recap. This week she sang Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” And she turned disco into rock. I enjoyed the performance. And I think she audience enjoyed it too. But Supernova (aka Tommy Lee’s Unit) was not impressed. I was entertained and actually thought that she arranged the song where it wouldn’t sound ‘disco’ at all. I liked the ending. She has a great voice, and I hope she goes far. So what did the judges think? Dave “hated it.” The Tripod said some cheesy line. Gilby just didn’t like it.

Toby Rand was next with “Solsbury Hill” and Gilby Clarke on guitar. He took the song and did a great job. Kicked up the tempo. He played on the congas at the end of the song. I thought it was a great job and thought he might win the encore.

Ryan Star sang Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight.” I thought he wasn’t bald enough to sing Phil Collins, but that’s ok I guess. I noticed on the first verse that he kinda mumbled the words. He did stayed in one spot during the performance. Other than that, it was a great performance. Dave thought it was the best performance of the night. I thought he might end up in the bottom three with it. I guess we’ll see who’s right.

Dilana Smith was next. Does it even matter what she sings anymore? She just kicks ass week in and week out. But for the sake of your sanity, I’ll recap her for you. She sang the classic “Cats In The Cradle.” Apparently it’s by Harry Chapin. I thought it was done by Cat Stevens and then Ugly Kid Joe. Anywho, I thought she did a great job. She won’t win the encore, but it was great (that was my initial thought). But then Dave said it was better than Ryan’s performance. Wow. By the way, I read on someone else's blog that he hopes Dilana will lose just so she doesn't have to get stuck with Supernova. I guess it's because we all know that Supernova will be a one hit wonder.

After the last commercial break, Brook Burke came back to tell us to vote and yada yada yada. Then they showed us the initial bottom three:
Patrice Pike
Toby Rand
Zayra Alvarez

Here’s who I think it’ll be:
Ryan or Lukas (just because I didn’t like Lukas’s performance)

Btw, I noticed that they wouldn’t show Brook’s belly during the majority of the close-ups during the show. Then I remembered hearing that she’s pregnant with her new boyfriend (like anyone knows who he is). Anyone else notice that?
Who do you think will be in the bottom three?


MG said...

I didn't notice, but do remember thinking, "wow, she's more covered than usual"...

I just felt so/so about all the performances last night, nothing stood out and nothing was terrible, guess it'll be a week to send home someone they just don't want in the band.

Billy said...

Agreeing with MG, last nights show didn't do much for me at all.

Typically we really get into it and have fun critiquing the performances but last night no one stood out.

It was Zayra's least sucky performance to date, actually the first time I appreciated her.

I think Magni did well and even though they liked Dilana's I wasn't all that impressed.

Tonights encore is a toss up.

AndyT13 said...

Obviously I'm in the minority here. No one cares what I think about this and rightly so but I really want to know: Why would anyone ever watch this crap? Same for American idol? Who finds this entertaining? They're bad. Incredibly bad. Lame ass so-called "artists" singing lame remakes of bad songs in front of aging has-beens who wouldn't know what was hip anymore if it bit them on the ass. Sersly. Why watch this? I'd rather stick needles in my eyes!

Philip said...

I like your comments MG and Billy.

I like this because it is people with actual talent as opposed to the no talent ass clowns from American Idol. To be perfectly honest about this show, I really liked last year because they were auditioning for a band that actually will be around for a while: INXS. This is for a colaboration of musicians from badass rock bands from the 80s (Metallica, Guns N' Roses, and Motley Crue) and if they couldn't find a lead singer with all their connections, what's the chance of them lasting past one album?

Lord Floppington said...

Has the new INXS actually done anything? Did they come out with an album? Did they go on tour?

I agree that it doesn't seem likely that Supernova will get much farther than one album, and I get the impression that it's pretty much all been written and all they're looking for is a singer to perform the vocals.

Were any of those guys even the major songwriters of their bands? Who wrote these songs? Is it an album written by a bunch of Ringo-level songwriters who mainly just played instruments on material written by their more songwritingly talented bandmates twenty years ago? Maybe that guy is right about Dilana.

It could be that the only thing the contestants will get out of this is the experience and exposure that will get them an opportunity for a real career.

These people do kick major butt over the AI people, and the songs are so much better, that it is worthwhile to watch the show.

kat said...

INXS is actually on the Asian leg of their Switched On tour at the moment. They played The Orpheum in Memphis during the US portion of the tour.

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