Rockstar:Supernova Recap - Elimination Show 8/2/06

Ok, I haven’t posted this yet for two reasons:
Number 1: It’s Half Nekkid Thursday (see previous post) and that’s always fun.
Number 2: I really can’t believe what the hell I watched last night.

I am honestly struggling with how to describe what I watched. The more I watch this dog and pony show, the more I realize a previous statement I made is turning out to be more and more accurate. I said I was afraid that this would be another one of Tommy Lee’s 15 minute projects. Here are my exact words from that post:

Last year, the INXS guys always invited the person booted off to come say goodbye to the band. Yeah I know a little nitpicky, but I just noticed it. It’s like they seem less genuine in finding a singer that they’ll have for years and more interested in finding a gimmick to sell a few albums before dissolving. I feel that Tommy Lee will be the first to leave the band. He just seems to have an ADD approach to his career path that will probably doom Supernova from the beginning. It's like he changes his mind all the time:
I’m with Motley Crue.
I’m doing a solo project.
I’m with Motley Crue.
I’m making porno flicks with my wife and my “third leg.”
I’m with Motley Crue.
I’m giving Pam Hepatitis.
I’m with Methods of Mayhem.
I’m with Motley Crue.
I’m going to Nebraska and shooting a reality show about it.
I’m with Motley Crue.
I’m with Supernova.
What’s the next step? I’ll let you look back and take one guess. Maybe it’s more schizophrenic than ADD.

So what’s my proof? They kept shrieking Jill Gioia. They haven’t kicked off the Latin alien Zayra Alvarez (even though she does have hot outfits and did a somewhat decent job ‘punking up’ Jenny/867-5309). But Jason Newstead actually admitted that they kept her because she keeps changing it up week after week. Can you say “a clown for entertainment's sake?” They kicked off Dana who was growing as a singer in front of our eyes. Am I the only person who seeks this as a gimmick? I honestly don’t think Supernova will be around for more than one album.

Anyway, Ryan Star got the encore with his performance of “Losing My Religion.” I saw it the previous night so I fast forwarded through it. Then they were going to announce the bottom three rockers. But Brooke forgot to say who the bottom three were the previous night (they were Toby, Jill, and Zayra). She just came out and started off with Jill. Then it was Patrice. Then Dana. Jill rocked Heart’s Alone. Did she pick it to show her lower voice (even though she still shrieked) or to kiss Gilby’s ass? I don’t know, but she saved herself. Then Patrice came out to do Jeff Buckley’s Eternal Life. Umm…what? I thought she was gone for sure. Then Dana was the final one. UMM…WHAT?!? Did the voters go retarded? She came out and did a great job with the Animals’ House of the Rising Sun. They told Jill (who only does well on elimination…well, except for the shrieking) she was safe. They then told Dana that although she had grown considerably over the last few weeks, they were afraid of how much more she had to grow. Guys, you’re not picking her as the finalist. Keep her! She did a much better job than Patrice. After Tommy Lee played Hatchet Man and sent her packing, she thanked them and yada yada. Then Jason got on the mike and told everyone to be more like Dana. She may be the youngest but she’s the most mature. THEN WHY DID YOU CUT HER? I’m serious, this episode just baffled me.
Anyway that’s the end of the recap. Have a good one and don’t get none on ya.

BTW I am convinced that Jill is a banshee.

Songs on the Playlist (album Two from The Vault):
The Grateful Dead – Good Morning Little School Girl
The Grateful Dead – Dark Star
The Grateful Dead - Saint Stephen

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