Rockstar:Supernova Recap Elimination Show 8/16/06

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Ok so last night was the Rockstar:Supernova (aka Tommy Lee’s Unit) encore and elimination show. So we’re all dying to know who was going to get the encore, but Supernova decided to pull a fast one. Like a groupie going to bed with Tommy Lee for the first time, we were completely shocked to learn that Supernova was going to play one of their new songs with a rocker. They chose Dilana…after saying that “this doesn’t mean the competition is over” seven hundred times. Dilana got out there and rocked a new song called “Leave the Lights On.” It’s not going to go to the top of the charts, but it was a good song. Something amazing happened during the performance. Four hot-chick dancers (yeah, that’s the technical term) came out and after a minute walked to where Dilana was. She played along and started dancing while she was singing. And you know what? She actually looked hot. My roommate and I both were shocked. She’s always been this attention grabbing performer. Last night she got sexy. Anyone else think so?

So after Dilana kicked ass, it was encore time. They gave it to Ryan Star. He did another killer job with Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight.” By the way, has anyone else noticed that he wears a black sweatshirt each week to the elimination show? Everyone else dresses like they’re ready to perform. But he’s in jeans and a sweatshirt. Anywho, the house band was back with electric instruments, BUT the string quartet was still there, and that was pretty badass.

After the encore, Brook “now that I’m pregnant I have to hide my cleavage” Burke gave us the Potential Bottom Three:
Dave Navarro was surprised by both Magni and Storm being there. That was about all the discussion.
They called out Zayra first. She sang “Razorblade” by Blue October. Neither Supernova nor I have ever heard that song or band. It was just like Zayra: weird. One minute I liked it; the next I wanted to fast forward. I did notice that most of the time, her voice squeaked like she has no control and was hitting sour notes. She really needs some voice lessons or something.
Patrice sang Hole’s “Celebrity Skin.” Wow, how many times this season will we have to hear this song? She did a decent to good job…until she walked into the crowd, up and through the rockers area, back through the crowd, and stops up on Supernova’s stage. It was a gutsy move that may have postponed her departure for a week or two.
The final rocker was Magni. Wait Magni!! What the hell? My exact words were “that’s bullshit!” So what does he do? He acts like it’s no big deal. He goes out and sings Radiohead’s “Creep.” Isn’t this like the fifth time this season someone’s sang this? Well Magni was the best. When he sang “I don’t belong here,” you felt like he meant it. He doesn’t belong in the bottom three. And his version was more of a slap in the face of Lukas’s earlier performances. This was just badass. After he was done, the camera cut to the rockers and you could see…DILANA CRYING! I couldn’t believe that. I mean I thought it was a moving performance, but to make her cry was unbelievable.

When it came time to kick someone out, they told Magni he was fine and sent him back to the rockers’ area. They told Patrice she was ok, because she still has growing left to do and has the potential to lead their band (now that's bullshit). And then they finally answered my prayers and CUT ZAYRA!!!! I was so happy: Captain Weirdo is finally gone.

Overall I thought it was a great episode. What did you think?


MG said...

I couldn't agree with you more...

ok, so now when I watch Rock Star (I have to stop myself from calling this INXS) I think of you (awww...) actually I'm imagining you there with a scribble pad taking notes, wondering "what will he say about that"...lol

ok so yeah, when those girls were dancing my thoughts were, "they look like they are worshipping her something" I so agree, it was hot...

and yeah, I wanna dance around a table with my bottle of tequila singing....
ding dong the witch is dead, I mean gone ;)

MG said...

that was supposed to be.... "or something" damn typos

Philip said...

Gracias MG
Yeah I actually have a damn notepad I take notes on. It's always better after I've had a few cocktails because it's laced with profanity (i.e. Tuesday night)

LEE ANN said...

I had missed the show, great recap. Glad Zayra is gone!

Anonymous said...

I missed the first half of show-totally awsome
recap Memphis.
Thanks alot,

Anonymous said...

I missed the first half of show-totally awsome
recap Memphis.
Thanks alot,

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