Dove Hunting and Ole Miss Football - what a great weekend

Well Hotty Toddy, bitches! Our Ole Miss Rebels beat YOUR Memphis Tigers Sunday in Oxford, MS, (aka God’s Country) in the great sport that is college football. That’s right: I’m from Memphis, but I don’t pull for the Tigers. Sorry. They have too many asshole fans who talk smack all year long and then disappear…well after we beat them. Now I do have a lot of friends who are gracious Tiger fans. They don’t talk smack. I can carry a conversation with them. They are intelligent. Then there are your typical, run of the mill fans who never went to that school, but they “bleed” grey and blue (the Tigers’ colors) and will constantly tell you how much you suck just because you don’t pull for their team. Wait, every school has those fans (especially Tennessee).

Anywho, I had a great weekend. Friday night I got ready to dove hunt on Saturday. Saturday came and I went to Tunica in the afternoon. How did I do? Well let’s just say, I couldn’t hit a dove if I tried. But it was a beautiful day and I had a blast. I guess that’s all that really matters anyway. Here are a couple of pics
This is the cotton field next to the sunflowers where we were hunting. Isn't that pretty? I lost one bird out there though. Dammit.

This is the older son of DB. DB was one of the brothers who hosted our hunt. This young boy wanted to show everyone how big he was so he started breasting the doves with everyone else. I couldn't believe it. The kid was better than most of the adults. He just had to have someone cut the wings off. Not bad for a kid who is about to turn 6 soon. Crazy, isn't it.

He and his younger brother (age 4) were also very well mannered. Everything they said was either "yes sir" or "may I please." These are going to be good kids.

We took the long way back to the clubhouse because a few guys had too many beers after the hunt. We drove by a few ponds and there were thousands of snowy egrets on the water. I've never seen so many in my life. It looked like the snow geese do in the winter. It was pretty damn cool. We actually stopped to watch them...and so one guy could take a piss.Here is a shot from near the clubhouse. It was really beautiful. This is some old river bottom that has long since been cut off from the river. But it still fills with water.
I didn’t go out Saturday night (despite many phone calls and text messages trying to convince me to) because I was worn out from the day AND I had to get up at 6:15 Sunday for the game. I picked up the Bergermeister and his two sons (Charlie and Will) and headed to the folks’ house. We met up with everyone, did some final loading, and started the three car caravan down to Oxford. The game rocked. It was one of the best games I’ve been to in a long time. It was close the whole way. The tent rocked. The Bergermeister had upped his stereo setup and brought his laptop. He had a subwoofer and two speakers with a huge amp. You could probably walk to the other side of campus and still hear our music. Anywhoo, our theme for this game was Southern Comfort. We had fried chicken and watermelon. For some reason Mom and Dad wanted to put up the banner that HM donated to us. It didn’t match our theme, but I have to admit that it was pretty damn cool. Here’s a pic with the brother in front of it enjoying the fried chicken and watermelon.

Where we tent is the cut through for everyone coming from fraternity row heading to The Circle or The Grove. We did get a parade of fratastic college kids.
Yeah, in case you didn't know, the students (mostly the younger ones) get dressed up for games. I myself used to wear a tie. Not anymore though.
I actually spent more time talking to friends than taking pics. I had four guys from my years at Ole Miss stop by:
“Swat Team” Watkins
Lt. Troy and his wife Lauren
“Bearcat” Campbell
It was pretty weird because they all got there within a few minutes of each other randomly. It was really cool to see them all. I hadn’t seen Swat Team since before I graduated college. I wish I had gotten a pic with everyone, but I’m sure I’ll get a pic with each of them at another game.

I also had several folks from Memphis stop by the tent that I didn’t expect, but it was real cool to see them. A lot of people didn’t make it from the Grove because it was a long walk. The few that did never went back because it was ten degrees cooler by our tent than in the Grove. That was fine with me.
That’s all I’ve got. Here are a few pics to share with you:

Here's a pic of yours truly with my cousin. She just started law school at Ole Miss this fall.This is a pic of the south end zone that I took during half time. The head belongs to the Tiger fan in front of us who never sat down when anything decent was going on.
Have a good one and don’t get none on ya. Oh yeah, HOTTY TODDY!!!

Songs on the Playlist:
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Willie Nelson - Down Yonder
The Rolling Stones - Sway
The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses
BuckCherry - Ridin'
Elvis Costello - Allison
Widespread Panic - Pilgrims
Sublime - Santeria


Four D Blues said...

Hey, you are getting into my territory with those delta landscapes! :) Good job, it was a great weekend what with whipping that Tiger ass and all.

Philip said...

Hell yeah baby. It made my weekend.

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