Rockstar Supernova Spoiler 9/5/06

Ok first thing's first. I've been wondering when Gilby was in Guns N' Roses. So I hopped on Wikipedia and found his bio. Turns out he replaced Izzy on rhythm guitar in 1991 and was fired by Axl in 1994. The only album he was on was "The Spaghetti Incident?" which was nothing more than a chance for Axl to screw up other people's music (with a few exceptions). Read the bio for more.

Post Elimination Show:
The rockers came back to the mansion after Ryan Star was kicked off. They toasted Ryan. They then got into a food fight with cake and champagne. Someone said "who wants to get in the pool and they all did...except Lukas I think. He went upstairs and put on more makeup while the rest of them hung out. What a pretty boy. Seriously dude, you don't have to wear makeup 24-7. (Besides it's kinda fruity) On a more upbeat note, most everyone jumped in while in their same clothes. Storm streaked. Unfortunately they didn't show it on the webisode.
Dilana talked about how she has to bring it after she forgot some of the words to her last song: the Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer." Magni, in an interview with the show, said that up until this point, Dilana has never messed up. Now that she has, we will see her true side and how good she is. Good point.

Songwriting Clinic:
The day after the elimination show, the rockers got a chance to hear a new Supernova song that didn't have any words. They each got to write words to the song and go through a one on one songwriting clinic with Gilby.
Storm Large went first and sounded good. Gilby liked it. (I didn't take many notes on this as it was a boring one on one. i.e. she came prepared and there's not much to report)
Magni said that it was hard to write in a second language because he always thinks his words sound like crap. But when he hears someone else's song, he realizes that theirs sounds worse. Gilby said he was disappointed with Magni's lyrics and had to give him the title.
Lukas Rossi came in next. He admitted he focused mostly on the first verse and "couldn't get out of the box for the second." Gilby said he liked how Lukas didn't take the easy way with the lyrics and melody in the first verse. But, and this is a big but, Gilby noted how came with only the first verse and chorus thinking "in typical Lukas fashion, he could get by. And that's getting annoying. And I had to do more songwriting with him" than the others. Ouch. That's not helping your chances there Lukas. Gilby said that Lukas is his own worst competition.
Toby Rand came in next with "a fresh new approach and energy. That's an energy that we (Supernova) need" as Gilby said. Gilby said that Toby was the most complete of the rockers. In comparison with Lukas, he said Toby is listening to the whole package (each song to find a common thread) while Lukas is listening to each song individually. Basically Lukas is missing the forest for the trees while Toby sees both. I really hope this leads to Lukas being kicked out.
Dilana Smith came in next with her song titled "Metamorphosis Lizard Skin." Seriously? You're kidding me right? Does she think she's the second coming of Jim Morrison or something? Those were my initial thoughts before she began explaining it to the camera. She said it was to the fans who vote in a "screw you kinda song." That's an exact quote. If they put that on tonight's show, she will lose more votes. Anywho she said she was having trouble with the lyrics. She had a melody, but couldn't get whole verses. Just a few words and phrases. Gilby said her lyrics were really cliched. He said it was her best work so far but very cliched. He went on to say that she is way too literal with a small imagination. Dilana later said that she never thought song writing would be a big part of this. "I came in here auditioning as a singer."

Song Selection:
When the song selection started, there was only one fight. It was between Lukas and Dilana over The Who's "Behind Blue Eyes." They went back and forth with neither one bending. Magni held up the Bon Jovi song and basically said "I think Lukas can do this." Lukas said "you want me to do Bon Jovi?" Basically saying I think you're trying to get me to step on a landmine. Magni came back with (paraphrase) "I think Lukas is the only who can take this and kick ass with it." He basically stroked Lukas's ego so he'd take it. Well, Lukas ended up with Bon Jovi's "Living On A Prayer." Guess what, he's going to rework it. Go figure right? He is really starting to bore me. Dilana ended up with "Behind Blue Eyes." Turns out she's never heard it before. How the hell have you never heard that? I hope these are two train wrecks.
The other songs available were "Back in the USSR" by The Beatles, "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers, and one other I didn't catch.
On top of these songs, there was a letter to the rockers. It said they will have a set to do. One cover and one original song. And they have to entertain the audience in between the songs.
We got a preview of Storm's song. The producers said the title was "Lady Like." Storm said on camera that it was "What the Fuck Is Ladylike?" I like her title better. She also said that she's felt like she's been forced over the last few weeks to dress sexier than the way she usually is. She says she going back to who she is. Btw I just listened to "Ladylike" on the Storm and The Balls myspace page. It's pretty good. A whole lotta F-bombs. I know the producers will love that. But it's pretty damn good.
The last thing that they really showed was Dilana practicing with the band on "Behind Blue Eyes." And she's trying to rearrange the song. The keyboard player of the House Band said that is really ignorant to rearrange a song you've never heard. And that's what she's trying to do. Then in the last interview she said "I've made so many mistakes that I'm going to have to win back my fans. I have to." This is my rebuttal to that statement:
During song writing clinic you wrote a Supernova song that basically said "screw you" to the fans IN YOUR OWN WORDS. AND you admitted that on camera.
If that info gets out, you're really not going to get many votes.

So that's the spoiler for tonight's show. Enjoy. I'll post the recap after I watch the show. Here are a few questions that should be answered in tonight's show:
1. Can Lukas make Bon Jovi his own?
2. Can Dilana do a decent job rearranging a song she's never heard before?
3. Can Dilana win back her fans AND say "screw you" to them at the same time?
4. Will they ever put Lukas in the bottom three so we can see exactly how much Supernova likes or dislikes him?
5. And Storm, "what the fuck is ladylike?"

Songs on the Playlist:
Soft Cell - Tainted Love
R.E.M. - Man On The Moon
The Beatles - Love Me Do
Cowboy Mouth - Irish Boy
Johnny Cash - Darlin' Companion
Journey - Any Way You Want It
Dave Matthews Band - Dreaming Tree
The B-52's - Rock Lobster
The Charlie Daniels Band - The South's Gonna Do It Again
Weezer - Hash Pipe
Led Zeppelin - Over The Hills And Far Away


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