Rockstar Supernova Final Competition Show

Ok, let me preface this by saying "yes, I have been drinking...a lot. And it ain't pretty." But I have been diligent to you, my dear reader. Instead of going to bed as my body asked, I stayed up and watch tonight's Rockstar:Tommy Lee's Unit episode.

The show started with the fan favorite of the eliminated rockers. Apparently the fans are retarded. They picked Ryan Star to return and sing his original "Back of Your Car" or whatever dumbass title he gave it. It wasn't that great the first time and it still ain't, babe. Why didn't they bring Storm back for "Lady Like?" That was a balls-to-the-wall rocking song. Much like the general elections in the Memphis area, the voters were fucking retarded. Yeah I said it.

After that it was time to...hear more about how these are the final four and they've made it and they are special and blah blah blah. JUST GET TO THE SONGS!!! Mark Burnett needs to be hit upside the head with a metal baseball bat so he'll quit doing that crap. We know where they've been. We know what they've done. And I swear that a 3 second look at a song from week 2 isn't going to give us some great epiphany. Someone please castrate the producers. I don't want their stupidity spread to the next generation.

First rocker to sing two songs (cover and original) was Toby Rand. In case you've been keeping your head where the sun don't shine, he's our Aussie badass. And yes, that is a technical term. He started out covering Radiohead's "Karma Police." I don't know the song and I won't go buy an album because of it. But he did a good job. Then came everyone's favorite: Toby's original song "Throw It Away." This time he stayed on the stage and let the song do the walking. (did you catch that metaphor?) And you know what? The song kicked ass as usual. I give this performance a 9.5 out of 10.

The next rocker was everyone's favorite marble gargling Canuck, Lukas Rossi. He started with Coldplay's "Fix You" before jumping back into his original song "Headspin." I have to say that during both performances he had a great presence on the stage. He actually kept my attention despite the marble garling lyrics. Paula Abdul was in the audience for his performance (apparently). You know Paula. She's the dried up ****** from American Idol. Yeah I don't watch the show because...well...it sucks donkey balls. But she was here to support REAL FUCKING SINGERS WITH REAL TALENT...and Lukas too. Personally that was STRIKE THREE for Lukas just because I can't stand American Idol.
Ok, here's another thought I had about Lukas in my attempt to justify why he shouldn't win: He's too Mod for this group. He has a great personality and a great stage character if he finds the right back up band. I can see him on MTV for a while. Of course that translates to "Philip won't pay attention to that no-talent-ass-clown" segment of entertainment. I don't wish that on him. He has a great talent. If he'll just stop gargling marbles while he sings, I will support him. Until that time, he can lick...well nevermind.
Btw he did an acoustic version of "Headspin." That kept my attention and he actually sang it. Way to go Lukas.

The third rocker to perform was the original frontrunner of the show: Dilana Robichaux. Yeah, if you read the spoiler from earlier, you would know that I found her real name. (yeah it's not the end of the world or anything information, but I didn't know). Anywho, Dilana did her remix of "Roxanne" by The Police. She had her competitors singing the backup of the chorus. You know what, THAT FUCKING ROCKED!!! That performance was back to the early days of the season when she was untouchable. I think it put her back in the top two. Then she sang her original "Supersoul" again. It was good.
I have to say that in my opinion SHE'S BACK BABY!

Magni was the final rocker to perform. And he fell flat. It's not that he wasn't any good. He just didn't take his performance to another level. He has already peaked. He sang "Hush" by Deep Purple. Then he sang his personal song: "When the Time Comes." It's a good song, BUT he won't win.

After the performances, they showed the order:
1. Dilana
2. Toby
3. Lukas
4. Magni

I really hope Toby wins it all.

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Billy said...

We need to have beers dude, I think we'd get along.

Toby put on a good show last night, he owns the crowd. I also paid attention to Lukas, the most I've watched him since this thing started.

Magni was flat, there was no excitement, no intensity as I've come to expect from him. Wonder what's up with that.

After reading your spoiler yesterday I truly expected Dilana's rearrangement of "Roxanne" to bite. Turns out it was an excellent performance, striking.

I hate to hazard a guess as to who will take it. I'm leaning towards Toby, but it surprises the hell out of me that Lukas is still there. I like Dilana as well, but I just don't see a chick in front of the band, at least not these guys.

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